Goodbye, Planet Earth! (A Woeful, Pitiful Letter to Earth)

A heart felt letter to Planet Earth
A heart felt letter to Planet Earth

I wanted to write this farewell letter, at least this one I owe you, and I begin in a classic way:

Dear Earth,

My Earth! How much I hate you only your Creator knows. Besides, if you are reduced to this miserable state, the fault can only be mine. Every day I invent a new weapon to kill you, new devilry to destroy you. It is I who have destroyed you, I have polluted you.

Climate change, the melting of glaciers, global warming, the hole in the ozone layer, all this is my work. My ancestor, Cain, is the one who, at the suggestion of the devil, imported death from hell, and experienced it with his younger brother Abel.

Speaking of pollution, I am the one who produced it, I like cars, scooters, motorcycles, I like heating with the boiler at home, so much carbon monoxide. I like comfort, technology, cell phones, faster and faster internet. I like planes, ships, and trains. I like electric light, that’s why I pollute so much.

Every day I produce millions of tons of garbage and it is always me who pours it daily into your sea, into your land, now only the free sky is left.

Pitiful Condition of Planet Earth vs Greener World
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About the sky-What do you think if I invented illegal dumps suspended in the air, in the sky in fact, so I would send tons of garbage there too? I would fill with garbage the clouds, the moon, the stars, the planets, all the galaxies, all the space, even the sun, about it. I almost invent a special shuttle that goes to burn all the garbage of this world directly on the sun. And so I would produce more, more, and more.

On the other hand, we are already polluted human beings. We hate each other, we do experiments on animals or on plants. We have laboratories that look more and more like lagers. I enjoy clearing forests in the name of the God Progress.

I enjoy killing others for those Gods that I have built myself and that are: Oil, Mammon, Power. I like violence, that’s what I am, a destroyer, not by nature, but by choice.

Yes! because my Creator had created me just to procreate, fill and manage the earth, and what have I done? I destroyed everything, because I like to destroy, everything! I like hell, that’s why it’s more crowded than heaven. I hate you! And I’ve always done everything to prove it to you. But you rebel from time to time, and send some earthquake, or tsunami, or hurricane, to slap me, humiliate me, correct me, and to take revenge. And I, hypocrite, bad, selfish, liar and egocentric, what do I do? I choose the easiest way, to justify myself. I blame God!

If there wars? It is God’s fault, and it matters little if they are conceived, planned, built and fought by men. There are murders, rapes, genocides, hunger, diseases, plagues, injustices, suicides, despair, it’s all God’s fault, I have nothing to do with it, believe me. But I’m not convinced by these excuses either, I say this because I never examine my conscience, and not because I’m bored, or out of fear, it’s because I don’t have a conscience. I have no love, no empathy, no good feelings.

I’m watching you die, and I’m not doing anything to stop it, I’m not moving a finger, I’m going to die too, I know, but that’s not what I am anyway: a zombie and nothing more! I like all this: the chaos, the death, the violence, I would even ask God and you for forgiveness, but why? On the other hand, I did all this on purpose, I created all this, and so goodbye to my planet!

-Emanuele Cilenti 

A powerful message to Save Planet Earth

An initiative to the green world, an initiative to fight global warming. A heart wrenching letter of human deeds to Planet Earth. Let’s join hands and be a part to change this mistake of negligence and blaming. Lets be the change and revolutionize the cause. Let’s fight global warming together and aim for a greener living!

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