Water isn’t necessary for life, Water is life!

Water- Oasis in the desert of life!
Water- Oasis in the desert of life!
Water is Life, a beautiful thought provoking blog to ponder upon by Ashu Verma Chaubey

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Water- Oasis in the desert of life!
Water- Oasis in the desert of life!

Jai Ma Narmade”
“Har har Gange”

The day starts with such chants reverberating in the atmosphere on the banks of the mighty rivers, on the banks of which have developed and flourished many great civilizations.

Ganga mein ek hi dubki saare paapon ka vinaash karti hai (Just one dip into the holy waters of Ma Ganga and all the sins are washed off is everyone’s favourite belief)

Ma Narmada ki parikramaa se badhkar koi teerth nahi (There no better pilgrimage than a circumambulation of the holy Ma Narmada)

The Brahmaputra is one of the mightiest rivers of India nurturing the eastern end making it so lively or The Yamuna on the banks of which Shri Krishna had performed so many of his leelas.

Krishna, Cauveri, Godavari, Tapti, and many others have been the source of the most important element of our life “Water””.

For generations, they have not only nurtured us with their water but also contributed to our all-round development.

Whenever we cross a river, with folded hands we bow our heads, some of us throw coins into it as a mark of respect and whenever there is a festival or a full moon or a new moon or any other auspicious or inauspicious occasion for that matter, a dip into the holy water is utmost necessary for most of us.

On any occasion or puja, one of the initial rituals is invoking these mother Goddesses in the Kalash with the waters of which is then the Puja performed.

Living in the land where even the minutest particles are seen as embodiments of God, how then the plight of our mothers has been left unseen and uncared for by us.

The one who gives us life has been sentenced to death by one and all.

We go, we pray, we take a dip, and then in the name of leaving ill fate behind, we throw all sorts of garbage right there on the banks before returning. We dump all sorts of poisonous wastes in the water bodies in the name of Visarjans.

For decades now our rivers have been transformed into dumping grounds.

Instead of the beautiful flora and fauna that used to present in our water bodies now, they have become home to stagnant fungi and chemicals destroying the very essence of presumably the most important element of life.

The waters that used to be crystal clear now have all the various coloured froths and foam coatings rendering it even unfit to bath, leave alone drinking or nurturing our fields.

I once encountered a man on a train who was sitting beside us with a  crushed water bottle. As the train left the station he threw the bottle into river Tapti. What followed was a discussion that resulted in a heated argument between us.

Now this man who claimed to be an employee of the State Pollution Control Board reasoned out that throwing the bottle in the dustbins kept at the platforms results in these bottles being picked up by the rag pickers, who just wash the bottles fill them up with water from taps and sell them to poor people travelling in general class compartments.

So in order to save someone from getting ill, the best idea according to him was to throw the bottle in the river so that it will be carried far away. And he was adamant that he had done a superb job by throwing the bottle in the river.

How far was he correct I leave it for you readers to assess but the point is that we all, in the name of industrial development, tourism, religion, and hygiene have spoilt and destroyed one of the most precious gifts of God. And now when we are shelling out huge sums to rectify our faults.

All we are getting to drink is not the fresh and pure mineral Himalayan water but treated bottled water. The natural nectar is now available only to a selected few who can afford and the rest depend upon not the energetic free-flowing, sun-kissed, naturally oxygenated water from our water bodies but the water from the gutters and naalas that is treated in those multi-crore treatment plants set up by the government schemes for the provision of water that is “SAFE FOR CONSUMPTION”

What an irony????

What we had for free and in surplus,  now we are getting it at a price that too limited.

etc. etc……. are the
latest fashion statements, when we could have easily done without all this if we hadn’t for ourselves turned those beautiful water bodies into naalaas and gutters stinking with chemicals.

The silt deposition due to garbage dumping, sand mining, and erosion due to deforestation have all led to changes in riverbed levels leading to severe floods and devastation.

I agree with the public opinion toward saving water and conserving water but is this public opinion and publicity a serious reality.

I leave this to you to ponder upon.

I just
Keeping my eyes closed
My hands folded
want to request

Water is not just important for life
It’s an oasis in the desert of life
So just think before you waste even a single drop

-Ashu Verma Chaubey

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  1. shashi0thakur13

    Brilliant writeup on the very serious issue of none availability of pure water… An insightful read👏👏

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