Follow Her To Netherland

Follow her to Netherland
Follow her to Netherland
A suspenseful read by Rekha Mittal Gupta
Follow her to Netherland
Follow her to Netherland

Well-known businessman Mr. Bharat Sinha’s son Tony Sinha found dead in his apartment. The body has been sent for postmortem but it seems to be a case of suicide. His dad was the first person to see his dead body. Mr. Sinha had rushed to Tony’s apartment after receiving an email from Tony bidding him goodbye forever. But, it was too late. When Mr. Sinha reached his apartment, he was already dead.

It is being said that Tony was a drug addict and had also stayed in the rehabilitation center for quite some time. He was living alone in the apartment from where his body was found. His room smelt of vomit and tobacco smoke. Some drugs have also been recovered from his apartment. It may be a case of drug overdose suicide.”

The four girls hi-fied to each other. Though it was their victory, they were heartbroken and sad. They joined each other’s hands and bowed in front of the picture of their fifth friend whom they had lost to the lust of Tony Sinha.

Tony Sinha was their regular client. He was lascivious for Maria – her feline eyes, blond long hair, size zero waist, and impeccable skin made him high. He showered money on her for her services. Initially, he was gentle with her. But, of late, he had become extra wild with her, using various BDSM tools.

One night, when she returned from his place, she was bleeding profusely. Her vagina seemed to have been torn brutally. She had bite marks and wax burns all over her body. Her tips too had deep cuts. She couldn’t make it through the night and succumbed to her injuries.

The five girls who hailed from different parts of the country had met each other in Dilwalon ki Dilli by chance. They gelled well with each other and rented a lavish apartment.

Gradually, when they all were left with no money and no job in hand, this work tempted them. Their families thought they were placed in good companies and were earning good but in reality, they had become high-profile call girls.

Lots of money and lavish lifestyle dragged them deeper into the dungeon and Maria lost her life in greed for money.

As their parents were not aware of their profession, the girls couldn’t disclose the cause of Maria’s death and told her parents that she was ill and a medicine reacted leading to her death. No further probe or inquiry was done.

But, the girls knew the truth. They sought vengeance. They did a lot of research and finally, one day, Kiara ended up at Tony’s place with a gift from Maria – An aconite plant.

Kiara went to Tony’s place to fill Maria’s position. Tony was not aware of Maria’s death. Kiara told him that Maria had gone to her native place for a few months and she would fill in for Maria till she returned.

He was not aware of what he had done to her but he missed Maria. Kiara deliberately gained his confidence. One day, Kiara told him that she was suffering from a sore throat so she would make tea for herself. Meanwhile, she advised him to get some drinks and nuts.

He went away and Kiara hastily scratched away parts of the aconite plant and brewed tea. While the tea was brewing, she sent an email from his laptop to his dad.

I am sorry. Despite your numerous efforts, I am not able to quit drugs. I am spoiling your name and reputation. I am just wasting your hard-earned money. I want to free you from myself. Bye forever.


When he returned, Kiara offered him the special aconite tea. He denied it but she made him drink it in Maria’s name. He gulped it all. When he started feeling dizzy, she removed her traces and left the apartment leaving him to rot and die with the effect of the tea.

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