Momma, I need time. Why don’t you understand?

Need More Tme!
Need More Time!
Sometimes all we need is patience and understanding, while parenting. An everyday household story with a sweet gesture- BY Rekha Mittal Gupta
Need More Tme!
Need More Time!

How many times do I need to tell you that small needle is hour-hand, the big one is minute-hand and the one ticking fast is the second hand? What is there to get confused in this? It is as simple as 2 plus 2 equals 4″ I was now yelling at the top of my lungs as it was the fourth time I was trying to explain the working of a clock to Pratham.

Mumma, maybe I am exhausted. That’s why I am not able to grasp it. Can we take a break of 10 minutes”, Pratham requested.

Ok, I will give you a break only if you tell me where will the minute-hand be after 10 minutes”, I was extremely furious.

He tried his best but couldn’t tell. It had been an hour now that I was trying to explain to him but in vain. I have a short fuse and Pratham’s unwillingness to study when he was already not understanding a concept blew my fuse.

Break! break! break! Why are you always exhausted? Look at me. I am managing household chores, office work and your studies as well. I never take a break. And you need a break every five minutes“, I banged my hand on the table and shrieked.

Poor Pratham shook like a leaf but I had turned a blind eye to his condition. I wanted him to learn how to check time that very moment.

My temper was already not in control and his one more mistake instigated me to raise my hand on him. Before I could hit him, my mil interrupted and held my hand, “What are you doing, Anjali? He is just a child. See how scared he is

She hugged the poor thing who started sobbing profusely. I came to my senses. Whenever I sit down to teach him and he does mistakes, my temper knows no bounds. You may call it my impatience or work pressure or expectation to have a perfect 100% scoring child. But, Maa Chandi enters my soul at that time who can’t tolerate even a wee bit of recklessness.

I apologised to the two of them and tried to talk to Pratham who was now hiding behind his dadi. My mil promised to teach him the concept and took him away from there.

After making Pratham sleep, my mil came to me and said, “What is it Anjali? Why such extreme behaviour? At times you are as sweet as honey and at times as bitter as bitter gourd. When you come to pampering him, nobody can even comprehend you have such a bitter side as well. He will learn things gradually, don’t panic and don’t make him panic

Mom, I can devote limited time to his studies, so when the schedule I have planned in my mind for his studies doesn’t fructify, I lose my temper”, I spilt the beans.

When he is not able to grasp anything, leave that topic for the time being. Instead of becoming a bitter gourd, become spicy like a golgappa – which he asks for, again and again. Teach him in a way that he doesn’t get scared rather teach him in a way that he asks for more and more practise if he is facing problems on any topic. Make studies fun for him, not a pain in the neck. I am there to help and cooperate”, my mil guided me.

I understood her point and hugged her for making me realise my mistake.

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  1. shashi0thakur13

    So understanding your MIL is 🙏… She’s right, some kids take time to learn a concept, they shouldn’t be forced… Very useful blog👍

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