She had it all, but still, it was not enough.

Her dreams came crashing down...
She had it all here, but still, it was not enough. She had dreamt of an altogether distinct life which won't be now her cuppa tea. Blog by Rekha Mittal Gupta
Her dreams came crashing down...
Her dreams came crashing down…

When the marriage proposal of Shyam came for her, Saroj was on seventh heaven.

And, why not?

Shyam was the only son of the well-respected Sarpanch of their village. He was a practising doctor at one of the acclaimed hospitals in Gurugram.

Saroj too was a well-educated girl who yearned for a lavish lifestyle with servants at her beck and call.

She had always envied her cousins living in Delhi – going to kitties, wearing modern dresses, arranging parties, planning picnics, and whatnot.

The grass is greener on the other side and she craved that greenery to fill her dull and monotonous life. She was already weaving dreams of a flamboyant and vivid lifestyle.

Eventually, the D-Day arrived and the heavenly union was solemnized with the blessings of near and dear ones.

Her exquisitely adorned palanquin entered her impeccably festooned residence. She was in awe of its beauty. Many-a-times, she had crossed her path from here but never did the villa look so impressive and spectacular before.

“I am the queen of this villa”, she bragged to herself.

She indeed was living the life of a queen. After a month, Shyam notified, “Saroj, I have to join back my work. I will go tomorrow and return at the weekend.”

Saroj asked, “During the week, just don’t remain busy with your work. Make arrangements also to take me there.”

Shyam asked bewildered, “Who told you that you will stay there with me? We had already informed your father that after marriage, you will stay here with my parents and I will come occasionally to meet you all. I am working there to gain experience. After a year, I will open a hospital here in the village.”

She was dumbstruck at this information. She started whining and yelling that she had been cheated on.

She called her parents and they told her that she was so lost in her world that she never listened to them regarding this. They thought that she knew Shyam’s plans and that she was ok with it.

Shyam assured her to take her to numerous places, once things got finalized as intended.

Left with no alternative, she bowed to her fate. She will have to spend her life at a place from where she wanted an escape. Her dreams of becoming a city girl came crashing down.

She had it all here, but still, it was not enough. She had dreamt of an altogether distinct life which won’t be now her cuppa tea.

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