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Eat healthy and exercise... Life is simpler!
Eat healthy and exercise... Life is simpler!
Eat healthily, maintain an exercise regime, drink lots of water and then, accept yourself the way you are. An inspiring post on healthy living by Rekha Mittal Gupta
Eat healthy and exercise... Life is simpler!
Eat healthy and exercise… Life is simpler!

Her red hair glistened in the sun, as she walked across the car park.

She joined her friends at McDonald’s after parking her sparkling steel grey Honda City.

There were lots of uumhs and aaahs from her friends as she made her way towards them, wearing shimmery black jeans with a body-hugging red top. Black high heels accentuated her elegance.

OMG! Did you win any beauty lottery ticket in the past four months? You look ravishing. Had I been a boy, I would have devoured you”, Suhanna was spellbound to see the stunning personality change in her dear friend, Kiara.

The four friends were meeting after four months.

Kiara shrugged her off with a tempting smile and hugged her. Thereafter, she hugged the stupefied Sujal and equally awestruck Kiyansh.

” Stop glaring at me guys. I am feelinbashful“, she shyly said tugging a strand of red hair behind her left ear.

She took a seat in between Sujal and Kiyansh.

No doubts, you look gorgeous, but weak also“, Kiyansh pointed out.

Kiyansh, you dumb, this is called size zero, not weak, ” Suhanna said patting his head.

Guys, please take your scrutinizing eyes off me, or else I will leave“, Kiara was now irritated.

Just one more thing, do tell me your glowing secret later“, SuhannawhisperedinKiara’s ears, nudging her.

Ok guys, enough now. Let’s order something“, Suhanna clapped and declared.

The four friends started filling up the gap of the last four months while munching on their snacks.

Unexpectedly, Kiara started coughing incessantly and rushed towards the washroom.

Suhanna followed her. Kiara had bolted the door from inside, so Suhanna stood outside waiting.

After a while, Kiara came outside hiding her blood-stained handkerchief. She held her friend’s hand and comforted her saying, “I choked on my snacks. Am feeling better now.”

The guys were waiting impatiently. The girls waved from far off declaring all is well.

“We were scared, hope you are fine now”, Sujal said taking a sigh of relief as Kiara sat down smiling.

The four friends parted their way after rejoicing for an hour.

When Kiara reached home, her anxious mom hugged her and asked, “How are you, my baby? We were worried about you.”

I know mom, but, I wanted this rejuvenating outing. I am delighted and hopeful” she informed, removing her heels followed by the red-haired wig.

Her mom couldn’t see the sight and left after asking Kiara to freshen up.

It took fifteen minutes to remove the layers of makeup she had put on to hide her dark circles, dullness, and dejection.

That night, she kept her head in her mom’s lap and confided, “You know mom, I always craved for size zero, a slim figure, tucked tummy. Whosoever looked slim, I used to ask her the secret of her figure. But, now I don’t want that mom. I want to be healthy, even fat. Today, Kiara asked me the secret of attaining size zero. What could have I told her – I have done nothing to lose weight. My cancer took my weight away.”

She looked into her mom’s eyes and said, “When people say that they have tried all kinds of diet and exercise to lose weight but are unable to lose much weight, and ask me my secret, I become speechless. I pray to God nobody loses weight the way I lost.”

Her mom had tears in her eyes and Kiara looked pleading towards her saying, “I want to live mumma. please save me.” 

Dear readers,
Eat healthily, maintain an exercise regime, drink lots of water and then, accept yourself the way you are.
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