Miss Your Smile, Life’s Not The Same

I miss my Dad's loving smile every day!
I miss my Dad's loving smile every day!
A small note for dad on how I miss him, his smile every single day... A true story by Harshita Udani

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February 15th, 2022 01:15 pm

I miss my Dad's loving smile every day!
I miss my Dad’s loving smile every day!

“Niku, Wake up! Sun is shining bright, the day is beautiful, get up sunshine, was his everyday alarm for me. He used to nag me till I woke up with a grumpy face and would shout at him, I want to sleep, why are you behind my life? Let me sleep some more time. Go…”

He used to pamper me and take all my tantrums, for like all fathers in the world, I was the sparkle of his eye. He did not like to begin his day without me being around. For a decade, I was the only child and he never wished for another, coz I was his world. Soon after I expressed my desire for a sibling, he even granted me a little sister. Such was his love and admiration for me.  Likewise, my dad was my pride, and would do anything for him at the drop of a hat. His smile was the most comforting thing for me. He used to relentlessly work hard to weave a future for us, not having realized the consequences it would be having on his health and life.

Just a couple of days post my marriage, I received a call saying dad was admitted to the hospital for a heart ailment. He was happy and cheerful and had married me to the man of my dreams with his lovely blessings.

What went so wrong? I was broken. He told me that he can’t live without me. Am I the reason and the cause of his pain and ill-health? I rushed to see him, be there for him, more importantly, be there for me.

The first night, he was unconscious and he didn’t know I was there. The next day, he saw me next to him and he sparked a smile in that ailing state. He couldn’t talk, with all those medical stuff in his mouth, on his chest, and all around. But he donned a smile of relief and he said it all. He hinted that he was happy that I was there. He wanted to write notes to tell me things but was too feeble to do so. He just conveyed in a non-verbal, yet with a positive twinkle in his eye that I would need to now take care of the family mom, sis, and me. He is happy to see me before he bid goodbye. He knew I would take my responsibilities well, as it happened till now, and that I would never let him down. 

He left for the heavenly abode, but never can I forget the smile that said it all…

The powerhouse of fun and living life to the fullest

You’re the sparkle of my eye

Your mesmerizing smile, sets my deepest worries to rest

Dad, you’re the best in all context.

You shall always remain in my heart, my king  

You shall be near, or you might be far

But you are never away from my heart.

You are always remembered 

But when I miss you, it causes heartache.

My superhero, my angel

You are my strength even from the heaven above.

No words are enough to show you the emptiness I have in my heart and my life

Just a long wait to meet you through life’s journey on the other hand.

You are the reason for my smile,

You are my forever LOVE, My Forever Hero,


Until we meet again………


If it struck a chord to the love you share with your forever hero, do let me know your feelings too…Until my next blog… Adios!

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