Don’t Judge A Book By Its Cover

The cover doesn't give it all out...
Be thankful to God for what you have, others may not be that blessed. A blogpost by Rekha Mittal Gupta
The cover doesn't give it all out...
The cover doesn’t give it all out…

Be thankful to God for what you have, others may not be that blessed.

Some six months back, a family shifted in the neighbourhood of the Khanna family. Khanna family was a nuclear family comprising Mr Khanna, Mrs Khanna, a twelve-year-old daughter- Suchi and an eight-year-old son- Rudra.

Rudra was a happy-go-lucky boy. He never complained, never grumbled and was always jovial.

But, this new neighbour boy evoked feelings of covetousness in Rudra. His parents were always fetching toys for him and mollycoddling him. But, he never seemed to be appreciative. Rudra used to feel infuriated by him.

“Mere papa mummy muje itne khilone dete to main to Khushi se Pagal hi ho jata, aur is Dekho, kease muh fula k baitha rehta hai, huh!” he murmured to himself. (Had my parents given me so many toys, I would have been on cloud nine, and look at him, he is always awful, huh!)

Once Rudra was having a chitchat with his friend, Yash which Suchi overheard.

Rudra: Have you seen that new neighbour, how lucky is he. His parents are always showering him with gifts and presents.

Yash: Yes, I too have seen. You know, once I waved him to come downstairs to play with us but he neither responded nor came to play.

Rudra: He is rich, might be his parents don’t allow him to play with us.

Yash: No, no. I heard his granny telling him to go and play.

Rudra: Then, what did he say.

Yash: That I didn’t hear.

Rudra: Let it be. Let’s not waste our time talking about him. He seems to be an arrogant brat.

Thereafter both the boys went away and started playing with other kids.

Suchi was distraught after learning about her brother’s opinions of that poor soul. She told about this conversation to her parents.

Mrs and Mr Khanna too were alarmed after this revelation. They both looked at each other and felt dejected.

Mrs Khanna: He is so small to understand things. Should we tell him?

Mr Khanna: Yes, we need to tell him and deter him from bad-mouthing about that innocent child.

Post-dinner, while all four of them were sitting together for family time, Rudra’s parents initiated the conversation.

Post-dinner, while all four of them were sitting together for family time, Rudra’s parents initiated the conversation.

Mr Khanna: Rudra, have you seen that new boy who has recently shifted to our neighbourhood. His name is Gagan. Call him also to play with you in the evening.

Rudra: Papa, Yash once waved him and asked him to play but he didn’t come. He has so many toys to play with, so he doesn’t need us. His parents are always bringing him the best presents.

Mrs Khanna: Beta, they are not his parents. They are his mausi(aunt), mama(uncle) and nani(granny).

Rudra looked perplexed. He asked, “Why does he not live with his parents?”

Mr Khanna responded, “Rudra, you are aware of what disaster the second wave of the pandemic had caused. Gagan’s parents were both doctors who laid down their lives serving humanity. He couldn’t even see them during their last time. He couldn’t even hug them and bid them final goodbye. Gagan’s dad was the only son on his paternal side. His grandfather had died long back and hearing the news of his parents demise, his grandmother too collapsed.

Rudra was dumbstruck, unable to move. He felt embarrassed for thinking ill about that unfortunate child. Tears rolled down his eyes. “That’s why his masi and mama bring gifts for him to cheer him up?”

“Yes beta”, said his parents in unison.

He hugged his parents and apologized. He was feeling ashamed, “Papa, looking at his toys and gifts, I wished I could be like him. I am feeling scared. I don’t want to lose you both. I can never stay without you. I don’t want any toys”

He started sobbing profusely, “Sorry God, please don’t take my  parents away ever from me”

His parents pacified him, gave him some water and told him, “It’s ok beta. Nothing will happen to any of us. Be thankful to God and promise us that you will try to cheer him up. If he doesn’t come to play, you go to his house, try to talk to him. He will heal gradually with your love, care and attention. He needs our support. Let’s stand up to him.”

Rudra promised, “Yes papa, I will mend my mistakes and help him overcome his pain. I will become his best buddy”

Mrs and Mr Khanna hugged him and said, “We are proud of you beta. GOD BLESS YOU”

Then all four of them hugged each other and thanked God for his blessings.

With this, I would like to thank the year 2021 for keeping me humble and gratuitous for God’s blessings.

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