Pandemic Journey- in the style of a Disney Princess 👸

Woman-- the Princess of the world!
Pandemic Journey- in the style of a Disney Princess 👸

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April 14th, 2022 08:46 pm

pandemic journey
Woman– the Princess of the world!

Princess, the glamourized word!

This pandemic gave me not one but multiple reflections of this fascinating character.
Like Mulan, I rose to run the errands fighting the COVID fright
No less than Snow-White taking care of my dwarfs (family) with might.
Like Belle, being the beauty to my prince
Yet at times felt like Tiana, waiting for the chance to get that kiss or a peck on the lips.
Like Ariel, swam through the chores and demands of my buds,
Like Moana, set sail in the voyage of pandemic protecting my family,
Yet unlike Aurora, waiting to get my beauty sleep.
Like Cinderella, working hard through the prying eyes
I found my Godmother and began my Writer’s Stride.
Only the Prince I awaited before it struck midnight, was the solace I found in the discovery of ME.
I met Myself with the glass slipper left behind,
For I’m the Disney Princess, ready to unwind!

The Lockdown FairyTale above is a small way of depicting the pandemic journey of every homemaker (mine being the beginning of my writing journey), struggling and juggling through the pandemic in a heroic manner. One among the many warriors who are helping us fight this pandemic, I salute the woman- Princesses of the world, for putting on a brave mask and cruising through with grace and might. When the entire world came to a standstill, you the Woman- were among the few who relentlessly carried on their duties to make sure that the loved ones are been provided and cared for. 

Having said that, the lockdown gave all of us a break from the fast-paced life, to look within and discover ourselves. Many hidden talents came across in the form of Dalgona Challenge and  Falafel trending and many more.. The times brought the family closer and we learned to live minimalistically.

Pandemic has sure caused havoc on the entire globe, but it has also opened up new ways of making the most of everything. It’s been a roller coaster with its own pros and cons for each one.

My view of it was like a Disney Saga, connecting to the many princesses in many ways. What’s your view? Share it in the comments below.
Thank you


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