“Don’t let others decide your self-worth”

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Mental Health Positivity

We live in this world crowded with some odd individuals who are ready to talk shit about others on various social media platforms and inauthentic life. And this affected a lot of social media influencers. Several youngsters are coerced in their schools or colleges for being overly fat or very scrawny, and these teenagers end up thinking that this in itself is their entire identity and their worth in this society, which is just so unacceptable. We have all had that one friend in our peer circle who is always recognized for his/her/other discrete features like for being too brown or being very pale, it’s like people have a problem with everything and letting these insignificant people choose your valuation is not prudent. Your self-esteem and self-worth are worth much more.

Something I would prefer to say is that if you are someone who is trying to just alter your lifestyle, skin, or body according to what fits into society’s standards, trust me, honey, these standards can never be satisfied. People always come up with stupid things to pinpoint. It is better to just not care about anyone and decide for yourself what your genuine desires and passions are. Make a list for yourself and try to realize what you truly love. It can be anything you like, it can be music or dance or martial arts whatever, but remember to not trouble others in this process.

One noteworthy thing to keep in mind while talking about self-esteem is that it is something you decide for yourself and something that gives you satisfaction. When you do an activity and felt euphoric and fulfilled, it develops your self-esteem. Don’t let your spirit down if someone tries to taunt you for doing what you like, toxic people are just like dogs who might always keep baring, but it is our choice to keep getting irritated by the barks or just put on some headphones and just ignore them. I would willingly choose the second way, also because arguing back won’t stop them, and ridiculing each other is just a wastage of your time. How you can boost your self-esteem? The finest way to boost your self-esteem is solely to be a good person sounds cliche right, but it’s true being a decent human being can put your mind on rest as you don’t have to worry about hurting others and face repercussions. It can be satisfying. You can also do some other activities like donating to people in need, being a responsible citizen, talking to there about their mental health, or helping people which can give you the satisfaction of doing a good deed. This will boost your self-esteem. What I mean is that just by picking up trash you found on the road and putting it in the dustbin, you can feel a sense of happiness and also satisfied about doing the right task and by doing so you can boost your self-esteem. Never think too low of yourself because of others cause it is for you to decide what you think of yourself, and if you are someone who takes care of your own health and mind, care for others, and does not trouble people unnecessarily, you are a good person and be proud of yourself for even the tiniest things like you went to school, tried to learn new things and came back hurting no one or saying any harsh words, that is an accomplishment too.

Ending note-Many teens or adults deal with mental health issues or anxiety, which can also lead to poor self-esteem. Thinking that mental health issues make you a weak person is not appropriate, it just makes you a normal human. Weak are those who consider making fun of someone’s mental health as something cool. And yet I again urge you to not let these people decide your worth cause these are the same people who call out others as not humane for not breaking down, and call others too weak or an emotional freak for crying. Crying just makes you an empathetic and a sweet human being and not shedding tears just makes you a neutral person who has strict control over your emotions. The mindset needs to evolve, not you.

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  1. I think that is so true. Embrace yourself and love yourself. Other peoples opinions are just other peoples opinions. We accept differences of flavors of ice cream. Why can’t we accept that some of us have different opinions that we may not agree with. If they don’t see your worth. That’s not your problem. It’s theirs and how they decide to treat others

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