Amidst all odds, we survive!

We survive!
Amidst the odds, we survive. A vent out of a woman, struggling to survive in the flow of life.
We survive!

Alarm buzzing and with no mood of waking up I push myself to the kitchen to make the tea It’s the first thing I do before even using the loo or brushing my teeth.
I put the pan on the stove To save time, I rush to the washroom; Alas! I find no peace there too, as the only thing running in my mind is that the tea might overflow.
I get back to the kitchen pouring tea into the kettle and serving to my husband and everyone.
Yes, I do many things at a time, like Waking up my son to get ready for school, bearing all his tantrums in this 12°C cold December month. I feel like why don’t the online classes turn into offline ones. From making tiffin to filling his water bottle to dressing him up…

I wonder if I vanish for a day my house will turn upside down… What would these people do without me? Now as we think, marriage comes with lots of responsibilities other than just being in love. I personally lost all my confidence when I came to know that the laziness of yesterday can cost you later. I started with learning how to cook, and wash clothes A perfect savior, the maid does the cleaning and washing, till it is easy on me
I did a lot of hard work to make a routine and soon another responsibility knocked in.

I got pregnant, I was very happy. At dusk, I lay on bed pondering that we need to go with the flow and
prepare for all the coming battles till death.
The most blessed role for which I was ready not to sleep on my stomach As it is, delivering a baby is not an easy task
Moreover carrying it for 9 months is a difficult one, One cannot walk fast, need to pee often, hair fall,
Cannot take medicine for cough or cold, can’t even wear clothes of perfect size, no cold drink.

Amidst the juggle and trouble it’s 3am.…..; hear the clock ticking and feel the serve pain in the stomach Peed & watched myself bleed.
Oh, amidst this covid lockdown, when doctors refused to even see, where she would go in this emergency?
Covid 19 stopped everything….. but bleeding won’t stop
Somehow she managed to reach the hospital for d&c
She was afraid of injections but now preparing herself
For most amidst the monotony of daily routine, an avid reader and scribbling words in her diary, She was ready to experience the beauty of motherhood.

She belonged to a small city, an Islamic family She feels blessed and lucky to just complete her education from a convent-based school, with graduation. She has no achievement yet to flaunt but with time and life, she was into many things which were left half done and incomplete. She never had a goal to accomplish but now with motherhood and a newfound love of writing, bringing joys and pleasures in her life. She is enjoying the journey which she was deprived of which many women out there can relate
Little things like hanging out with friends or going on a tour, doing coaching classes, wearing western dresses, being a kindergarten teacher, doing a bit of dance and ramp walk in college fest, participating in a photography contest, and learning to cook Italian food, or anchoring. Yes! These things come easily to many, but for some the struggle is real… Just a budding mom blogger on Insta .. & being humble n authentic, amidst all odds, we survive!

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