Opposite Attract

Opposite Attract

Opposite Attract by Dr. Bhavana Jain
Opposite Attract

There are lots of sayings I don’t believe.

But there is one I do believe.

Opposite attract.

Most of the time the best relationships are made up of people who are complete opposites.

Most of the time people are so apposite they’re alike in a lot of different ways.

Doesn’t make sense does it?

How do people who are complete opposites get along better than people who have more in common?

Don’t believe me? Let me try to explain. Let me give some examples.

Meet Radha and Rakesh.

Radha is studious, and ambitious with only one goal in her mind from her childhood – to take care of her parents well. She is from a middle-class family and she is practical. 

While all their relatives thought a girl is a burden, she wanted to prove them wrong by earning a good name and making their parents proud. 

Rakesh is born in a rich family but raised with moral values by his loving parents. He doesn’t know the problems of the world but he is sensitive and kind to his friends and family.

Money was never a problem in his life and he never knew financial planning/ sticking to budgets.

Life is smooth for him. He is an intellectual and smart student.

Radha is multi-talented. She excelled in music and always won prizes in competitions.  As usual, in her second year of engineering, she attended Youth festivals representing their college for music. 

While Rakesh doesn’t know anything about the arts, he is good at winning prizes in debate competitions. He also participated in that year’s youth festivals.

Radha and Rakesh’s colleges were given accommodation next to each other. Radha met Rakesh for the first time when Radha was running to the hospital taking her injured friend. Rakesh just jumped in when she needed help with searching for a hospital and managing her sick friend in an unknown city. 

But, they both don’t know that destiny will make them meet again. 

5 years passed. 

Both forgot each other, and both settled into their dream jobs in different cities.

When Rakesh’s profile came up from their parents for an alliance, Radha immediately recognized him. Radha always believed that Arranged marriage is a gamble and only a few lucky people will win the lottery (aka a decent husband). 

Rakesh is not even interested in marriage at that time but with his parent’s force, he went with his family to Radha’s home and instantly recognized her. 

They both talked for some time but they were not sure if they were a good match.

Radha and Rakesh’s families liked each other and now, they are waiting for their children’s decision. 

They both agreed hesitantly and the marriage preparations started.

Even though Radha didn’t know much about him, she fell for his looks and she also knew his kindness and helping nature from youth festivals.

Though it was not a love at first sight, they both tried to learn more about each other. The late-night phone calls extended till 2 am. 

They were amazed at how different they were from each other! 

While Radha is studious, Rakesh is an average but smart student. 

Radha is good at financial planning and prepares budgets, but Rakesh spends money lavishly.

Radha doesn’t care much about her looks and prefers not to spend money on clothes and beauty parlors. Rakesh always gives preference to maintain a good look by using the best clothes and colors that suit him.

Radha is an introvert and loves reading, whereas Rakesh is an extrovert and always likes spending time with people.
Radha loves to listen to music whereas Rakesh doesn’t know anything about music. While Rakesh loves sports, Radha never enjoyed watching sports or playing.
Radha is a vegetarian and Rakesh is a foodie and non-vegetarian. 

At last, they are tied in wedlock and you know what? They lived happily ever after.

Radha and Rakesh enjoyed their differences, accepted that their tastes are different, both adjusted to some extent, respected each other, and more than anything else, they kept their love ahead of their egos in all circumstances.

– Dr. Bhavana Jain

Opposite Attract
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Opposite Attract
Opposite Attract by Dr. Bhavana Jain
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