Sunlight artist

Sunlight Artist

Sunlight artist by Ajola Ganesan
Sunlight artist

Words carved with the rays of the sun,

Like how the rays of love,

Carve her name on your heart!

A rhythmic pain, the heart never feels,

For it gets dwelled in daydreams!

The pattern the love carves,

Is unique and special,

 never the same with everyone!

Poems written on love,

Songs sung with its feelings,

Novel written with its elements,

Art drawn with its essence!

All weigh the same,

And tastes the same!

The art, made with the rays of the sunlight,

The art, when in the making,

The artist burns in the sunlight,

The sweats and hurt, never matter, at the end,

With the fall of his eyes,

Over the art he made!

Love lives in many forms,

As an art,

As a person,

 As a thing,

And sometimes, everything!

-Ajola Ganesan

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