Virtual Reality

virtual reality
Virtual Reality by Sowmya Barli
virtual reality

Virtual reality has exciting potential in the fields of video gaming, e-commerce, marketing, education, etc. We can find VR games in big shopping and exhibition malls like Phoenix, INOX, Maayajal, etc. Virtual reality produces a computer-generated simulation of an alternate world.

These immersive simulations can create almost any place imaginable for the player using special equipment such as computers, sensors, headsets, and gloves. I have played such games, to name a few were Space Shuttle, cricket matches, job simulator, Mine craft, etc. The game in which I played is to shoot the alien crafts, do battle with them, protect my spacecraft members without losing life, and be alive. A bit of tension arises as one has to finish the game within a time limit. This concept is not only applicable to gaming, one can have a virtual tour of various tourist places by wearing this headset of 4 dimension glasses .just play a video of your choice, set it to virtual mode on mobile, wear this headset and experience the nearness of visiting favorite places. This was useful in covid or lockdown days as one cannot move out and enjoy. VR users are controlled by the system. VR has not real-world settings, it is completely virtual.

TCS Tata consultancy services have given a solution for this problem to all such parents of children suffering from Autism, cerebral paralysis, and down syndrome, etc by introducing V- hab which means virtual habilitation. Instead of attending for painful physiotherapy, they use this V-hab. This company is offering this product for free for almost 1000 students in a few special schools. A wonderful, meaningful, and exemplary deed by using technology in the right way.

-Sowmya Barli

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