My MasterChef Mom

My MasterChef Mom
My MasterChef Mom by Shweta Gupta
My MasterChef Mom

Being a homemaker, I always saw my mom working in the kitchen,

Even if sick, she was on a mission.

To serve hand cooked food

To her family was her only priority,

Cooking everyone’s favourite, 

She stood hours on her feet.

From peeling vegetables to choosing the right condiments,

Kneading the perfect dough, 

Preparing most delectable pickles.

I hardly remember if she ever 

Prepared dish of her choice,

She ate what we ate, without any complaints she rejoiced.

When we burped with satiated stomach and smiling souls,

Her heart filled with contentment to ten folds.

As I sit on the kitchen shelf in my maayeka now,

My ‘Masterchef mom’s’ wrinkly hands still put together my favoured dish 

The same way and in gratitude I bow.

-Shweta Gupta

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