A miracle named Ponu…. Part 1

A miracle named Ponu
A miracle named Ponu.... Part 1 by Ashu Verma Chaubey
A miracle named Ponu

A child is the most precious gem that one can possess and above all if he happens to be a miracle child, he definitely is the apple of one’s eye.
There may be days when one feels frustrated due to limitations and shortcomings, but believe me, a smile or a hug from such a precious little angel is enough to bring smiles to one’s face.

Hi everyone,
Here I am, Ashu Verma Chaubey with the story of one such angel who entered our life around five and half years back and is spreading smiles in our house since then. Moreover, the fighter that he is, is enough to make one’s heart melt.

Born at 27 weeks with an ELBW of just 780 gms. and then the struggles that he challenged and confronted, against his medical conditions and against Almighty’s decisions, for his survival and won them, all by himself prove for itself that he is a miracle.

I am talking about Jay(Ponu), the eldest of my triplet sons, who had probably been destined to fight even before he was born.

Yaaaa…… he was the one due to whom we had to go in for a premature delivery as his water bag had burst at 26 weeks of gestation and we had nothing in hand except surrendering to destiny. The gynecologist tried everything she could, but couldn’t stretch the pregnancy for more than a week and then planned an emergency cesarean for the delivery.

Thus came into our life, three tiny lives of 780 gms., 1 kg. and 1.5 kg respectively. Since they were so premature that even their lungs hadn’t developed properly, so even before we could take a look at our little beings, they were handed over to the best neonatologist in the city and were taken to his NICU in incubators and we could see them only after all the necessary procedures had been performed and they had been given their initial dose of surfactants for proper lung development.

They were put on ventilator support, and other life-supporting machinery needed for their survival immediately. The other two babies were quick to recover and were shifted to our bedside within a couple of days but our miracle baby’s battle had just begun.

And he fought it, lying there in his incubator, while we could only see him battling, all alone, through those glass panes. That period of his and of our lives was like a sinusoidal curve with varying positive and negative amplitudes and turbulent phases in between but he fought it all…………..

To survive, to live, and to smile.

So dear friends ready to meet my miracle.

Jay (Ponu as we fondly call him),  was born as an ELBW (Extremely Low Birth Weight) child, weighing a mere 780 grams.
As I have already told you that these kids were 27-weeker preemies, hence their organ development had happened to just 2 layers instead of the normal 4 layers(as explained to us in simple terms ) and in his case, even that anatomy wasn’t properly completed.

When we first looked at him he looked like a 75-80-year-old man, with no mass or muscles, just flesh, and bones
Looking at him I could see a glimpse of how his father(my husband)will look like when he gets really old and that is when I named him Papa’s Ponu.

He is a gift of God and has also perhaps met him soon after birth if God’s existence is real.

Since their reflexes had not yet properly developed, they were fed fluids and nutrients intravenously for a couple of days, and then slowly milk was introduced to them.

The very first-time milk was introduced to him,  he developed a severe medical condition called Hyperkalemia, wherein the body’s potassium levels rise abruptly, resulting in an immediate death due to shock and multiple organ failure.

Under normal conditions, these levels are less than 5 in an adult human being, but his levels were more than double.
It was only through the doctors’ attentiveness that they noticed the changes immediately.

We were called upon by them urgently and were explained the whole situation.

We explained the matter in normal day-to-day language and the doctor explained about his levels, that if he prepares an injection of this level and injects it into an elephant, it would die immediately.

How this child was still alive, nobody knew and nobody could predict the next moment. (Bhagwaan ke darwaaje pe khadaa hai,pataa nahi idhar aayegaa ki udhar jaayegaa😶😶😶🙏🙏🙏). We were asked to be ready for anything.

The specialist on duty, along with a nursing staff were constantly monitoring his situation second by second.

All his organs were continuously being monitored. Hours became days and days became weeks. And then he suffered from what everybody feared… An intraventricular brain hemorrhage.

His fragile nerves and veins were not completely developed, hence they could not tolerate the stress.

Still thanks to the doctor, God sent an angel who never lost hope. His brain was continuously being monitored and we had clearly been told that if the hemorrhage progressed to the third stage then there was no point in saving him.
Again there was a long wait. His weight had decreased to a mere 500 gm. But Almighty had decided otherwise and things started taking a U-turn, his levels started decreasing and fortunately, no other organ was harmed. His hemorrhage also started regressing.

In the course of the treatment, his skin had turned totally black, but the doctors assured us that he would regain his original skin colour over a period of time.

Now only a few tests were required to be taken, regarding his body’s response to milk, to check that whether there was a problem where he would require lifelong medication to manage his potassium levels, or was simply a result of the reaction of milk to intestinal walls.

We were lucky enough that the results were in our favour. During this course, he also required blood transfusions around 5-6 times as his body wasn’t able to produce blood.

All went well, he started growing in weight slowly and was shifted to our room when he was around 1 kg. but was kept in the incubator with its temperature well set to assist his growth.
Also, tubes had to be kept inserted through his mouth to feed him as he had not yet developed reflexes for sucking and swallowing milk for quite some time.(Vaise Doctor ne bataaya tha ki poora dheet hai, aata sab hai bus mehnat nahi karni…… aise dheet maine bahut theek kiye hain 😄😄😄😄😄😄).

Jaanna chaahenge aur is “dheet bachu” ke baare.

Then please be with him in this tough journey of his milestones in the next part.

This is Ponu’s Mom…..
Preparing for the next stage …..


See you

-Ashu Verma Chaubey

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