The Bond..Beyond!!

The Bond..Beyond!!
The Bond..Beyond!!

She was anxious and worried

To the core that it began to show off

In those screams, each time 

She howled in labor pain!!

Only a while ago that she got married 

And soon turned pregnant,

All the past nine months, she had chills

For being terrified of what to expect

In coming days!!

She had heard of generations 

Only wanting for baby boys 

And being completely insensitive to

Baby girls and the women

Who gave birth to them.

She was not one amongst those,

A hardcore feminist, rather someone 

Who believes in equality,

Are some of her strong principles..

But does it count now for 

What she believes?

What if it’s a baby girl and 

Then her surroundings start to

Behave differently with her and the baby girl? 

How will they survive then? 

How will she protect her self respect and 

That little newborn soul?

“How does all that matter 

When you are by her side, always and forever,”

Echoed her inner voice..

She will rely on you, learn from you 

And soon will be a reflection of you,

So stay strong and raise her fearlessly!! much of her pain reduced in a trice,

Those hazy clouds started to fade away 

As she had a smile on her face..

“Congratulations, it’s a baby girl”, 

Doctor pronounced,

Followed the claps and chuckles, 

She could hear, 

Coming from the people around.

The room suddenly filled with utter jubilation,

Filling the gap of doubt and confusion forever..

A baby was born, male or female,

Doesn’t matter,

And a mother is born too,

She sure is confident, bold and strong,

What generations have been thinking,

Has to change now, 

“When will things change”, isn’t in ones control,

I can be the change, is all one has to do now!!

-Santwana Neeraj

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