What is your number?

What is your number
What is your number?
What is your number? by Rekha Mittal Gupta
What is your number
What is your number?

“Aaahhhhh!!” Rachit screamed from his room.

His mom scooted towards his room.

He was crouching with both hands on his head.  His mom asked, “What happened, beta?”

He raised his head and informed, “I can’t concentrate with so much noise pollution – cooker whistle, mixer grinder, that scrap dealer’s full volume call, and this loudspeaker in the neighboring house.”

His mom patted his head and guided him, “To be NUMBER 1, no disturbance or distraction should deviate you from your goal. Remember ‘Arjuna’, nothing could distract him and he could see only the bird’s eye because that was what his goal was. So focus in your goal. See beta, nobody would stop his work because you are studying. So, why should you stop doing what you ought to”

He understood and hugged his mom, “Mom, you are the best. My NUMBER 1, mumma”

-Rekha Mittal Gupta

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