She is Fashionista

She is Fashionista
She is Fashionista
She is Fashionista by Vipin V Kamble
She is Fashionista
She is Fashionista

She is a little non-curvaceous,

She doesn’t bear that zero-size figure 

or hourglass figure,

But she bears a sculpted one with some extra ounce of fat,

She walks the ramp with a double chin high,

And healed bulky thighs,

Her blossoms are alluring to make anyone die for her,

She walks the ramp for all to see her,

And no one is there to say even a single word,

She has a designer name, 

She is the show-stopper,

She is picture perfect, sometimes runs out of the frame,

Moves out for an insatiable journey, 

Wear her confidence as a cape she likes, 

Appreciates those who support body positivity,

She keeps her head high and walks in confidence,

She introduces herself as Plus size Fashionista, 

Gets herself printed on the cover page of the fashion magazine. 

-Vipin V Kamble

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