Those Days

Those days
Those Days

Go back to those days

Where everything was milk

Being tender is better than what am l

The time we communicated,

In the language only our mom understands

Gold was akin to me at that time,

I was rare.

I had cost no dime at all

But the now me cost a lot of pounds

I had my eyes closed to the world at that time

My heart knew no pain at that time

I would always smile without  teeth

Carried along by everyone

Treasure was akin to me.

Dear God

Back to those old times I pray

The cost of me now is high as of now,

Now me do take a lesson from the then me

Deviod of any harmful pleasures

Innocence brewed from the then me

I want that life to accompany this

Were I would smile without teeth

-Yisa Precious Hankuri

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