Thank you, Mom

Thank you, mom!

When I do try to read your concerned face

And smile brightly, ear to ear

My two newly formed milk teeth showing up

I can see that smile

On your soft yet dry lips

And cheerfulness in your weary eyes

You perhaps have forgotten now 

How beautifully it highlights

The dimples in your cheeks 

Though I in my naughtiness never realise

That  you’ve forgotten your favourite

Glosses, mascaras, balms and kohls

Dumped inside those dark drawers

Just for my sake 

And that I am the real culprit behind

Those parched lips and dry eyes

But still when

I do try to read your affectionate face

And throw my arms open

To embrace and cuddle you tightly

It brings a smile to

Your fatigued burnt out face

Thank you Mom for being so loving

And for understanding

And adjusting to my needs

-Ashu Verma Chaubey

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