Chilly Winter Time 

Chilly Winter Time 
Chilly Winter Time 

One of my favorite seasons, winter, is a blissful time for me. Cold winds blow throughout the day at various degrees, even during the sunny afternoon. Of course, at night the wind is too frigid.

If mornings are chilly to get out of my bed, then I don’t feel guilty about snuggling in my quilt for an extra half an hour. Later on, I need warm water for everything, right from brushing my teeth to taking a bath.

From the morning till afternoon, it’s the bright warm sunlight that I crave the most. Whenever possible, I dash to the outdoors to bask in the sun, for a few minutes to hours on end in my free time.

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For food, I yearn for everything rather hot, before they become cold, from hot drinks like tea or soup to main-course meals. I prefer hot desserts, like hot gulab jamuns, or gajar ka halwa, which are my favorites. 

Before marriage, after returning from school by noon, I used to play for the entire afternoon. Whereas during my college days, along with my friends I’d write or exchange notes, enjoying the afternoon sun. 

After marriage, whenever I’m free of kitchen work, I rush to soak under the sun to get that valuable dose of vitamin D. Peeling peas or garlic and removing weeds from the leafy veggies become the routine jobs for a homemaker like me during the alluring wintery afternoons.

The evenings are the perfect time to relax after a hard day’s work. And nothing like sitting in front of a well-lit fireplace, enjoying a hot cup of coffee, chatting with family members sharing your day’s events.

After early dinner, again snuggling in my bed all covered in woolens from head to toe and also a quilt, binge-watching TV shows in my room is my favorite pastime. Then, I have a habit of writing for an hour or so before I finally doze off to sleep.

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