Pollution Control Day

Pollution Control
Pollution Control

Lying in bed, listening to the pitter-patter of rain

The early morning symphony of birds takes away all strain

The fragrance of blossoms dispersed all around the reign

In the magnificence of nature, I discover myself detain

The twilight sky and the autumnal trees

The melody of verdant foliage when touched by the breeze

The colourful blooms take away all the unease

Chromatic nature brightens our soul and makes our eyes appease

The kaleidoscopic blossoms, the clear blue sky and the sea

The conspicuous plume of birds makes our hearts joyously bounce and flee

The Aurora Borealis festoon the sky looking like a marquee

Cheers us all, fillings our hearts with contentment and glee

Thank you Dear Nature for bestowing a world so prismatic

Colours of nature beautify our world and make our lives ecstatic

The glamour of nature is so very charismatic

I am in love as it makes my heart romantic.

Nature is home to a myriad of flora and fauna

The twinkling stars have their own glorious aura

Meditating in the lap of nature helps us reach nirvana

The fragrance of nature intoxicates the soul more than marijuana

New mysteries unfold about nature now and then

Ocean beds and mountain peaks are explored time and again

Why can’t we see, that our acts are giving our nature pain

Have you thought without nature, what would of all of us remain?

The mountains, the waterfall and there is a plethora of beauty

Preserving nature is our absolute and utmost duty

In our arrogance, humans are becoming snooty

Harming nature and not hearing its merciful plea

Pollution, deforestation wastage and contamination

All this is wounding the wildlife and plantation

Let’s each one of us take a vow to work for its rehabilitation

The epiphany of SAVE NATURE can lead to our salvation


Our kids in school are taught about the 3 Rs.

They are taught to save power, save water, and plant trees……..

But, I feel everything is taught to them and kids learn them just for passing the examinations. Practical application of teachings of school can remotely be seen.

But, a practical approach is now the only solution left to keep our Earth alive.

As an individual, I have started taking certain steps like

I carry my own shopping bag instead of demanding plastic bags from vendors.

I prepare my shopping list on mobile instead of on paper.

I save blank pages of my son’s notebooks so that those pages could be used for practice and rough work

While explaining anything to my son, I use blackboard and chalk, instead of paper.

I save the plastic packing of grocery items to dispose of garbage in them.

I prefer using a cooler than AC.

In gardening, I reuse plastic jars as pots instead of buying plastic pots.

When I have to get lunch or dinner packed from outside, I carry my own lunch box instead of getting the food packed in plastic containers.

We save seeds of fruits that we eat and when we go out, we sow them under the metro pillars or in parks or on footpaths.

We don’t throw used puja material in the flowing river, rather we burn it and spread its ash on corners of the park or footpath.

I use kitchen waste to make compost for my plants

Instead of throwing the water with which I clean rice and pulses, I water the plants.

I have come across some diligent, wise people who are doing efforts in using waste plastic or doing efforts to minimize waste. Some of them I know about are

Ashwin Malwade and Nupur Agarwal – They organized a zero-waste wedding where food waste was put in compost and fresh and unused food was distributed to the needy. In marriages, a lot of waste is generated in decorations, so they made sure that decoration in their wedding is done with materials that could be recycled. They started their own company GREENMYNA to organising zero-waste green events.

Mr. Nandan Bhatt – He recycles plastic wrappers of cookies, chips, namkeen, etc. His organization ECOKAARI recycles this plastic waste and transforms it into handbags, fashion accessories, office stationery, and items of home decor.

Mr. AR Raghav, a Chennai-based architect is into the designing and construction of eco-friendly houses through his company A+R Architects.

Kunti Oza, Hansu Pardiwala, and Chitra Hiremath started the Milk Bag Project (MBP) and saved almost 7.5 lakh plastic milk packets from polluting the earth.

Friends, these are just a few examples. A lot many environment loving people are coming forward to do their bit for the welfare of society as a whole.

Light the torch of love and faith

Embrace humanity forgiving vengeful wraith

Together we shall make Earth a marvellous place 

Unconditional devotion can make tribulations efface

A sanguine approach will heal Mother Nature

Stop hurting it before it turns into a complete stranger

Philanthropic deeds are the need of the hour

Render aid, unify and jointly use brainpower

Educate society and voice your concern

Act, guide, and make them learn

Dedicate your life to rehabilitate Mother Earth

Let’s join hands to make it again a place of worth

Opulent Earth needs to be treasured

Vacuous actions have left it weathered

Endear this Earth which we all have severed

-Rekha Mittal Gupta

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