Osteoporosis, A Condition with Low Bone Density – Awareness & Care

Osteoporosis, A condition with Low Bone Density
Osteoporosis, A condition with Low Bone Density

Osteoporosis better understandable as Porous Bones, as the term describes itself, is a widely spreading bone disorder, not only amongst the elderly but also among the youth today. Also though not a disease but the condition is definitely a matter of grave concern for all as not it has entered into the category of lifestyle disorders. What used to be a condition of the elderly especially women of higher age groups is now not in a mood to spare anyone be it, children or young adults, affecting one and all.

Talking about osteoporosis, it is a condition wherein the bones become lose their calcium and become porous, less dense, and hence brittle. They tend to break easily even due to minimal impact or trauma. Sometimes a person may just twist one’s foot and it may result in fractures. This condition normally presents no symptoms as such although people may feel symptoms like pain in the wrist or back pain though these symptoms show more because of the underlying factors rather than the condition itself. The only way one comes to know about this condition is only after one suffers multiple fractures time and again when the medical professionals suspect this condition.

This condition is diagnosable by doing a Bone Density Test. This test measures how many grams of Calcium and other minerals are packed into a segment of bone, normally the Hip, Spine, and forearm but sometimes the professional may advise a whole body density test to assess the actual gravity of the situation. The higher the mineral content, the denser and stronger one’s bones are and are less likely to break.

This condition is caused mainly due to increase in age, post menopause in women, and some medical conditions but in today’s scenario, other causes such as poor diet, poor exposure to sunlight, unhealthy lifestyle like smoking and drinking, and lack of exercise are also affecting bone health in youth and children too.

Primarily due to our lifestyle and busy schedules, we have started ignoring the basics of a healthy life and this is one of the major repercussions. Though a grave medical condition which can affect our life to a great extent we still can prevent, manage and even reverse it by changing our habits.

The first and foremost is allotting time to ourselves. Instead of popping up pills for everything, we need to work on our natural resources. And first and foremost is Sunlight. It provides us with the much-needed Vitamin D which is not only needed for the absorption of minerals in our bones but also required for our good mental and general health too. Just half an hour in the sun with at least ten percent of our body directly exposed to sunlight is all that is required.

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Early morning WalkA step to Prevent Osteoporosis

Renowned Ayurveda experts also suggest that walking in the early morning hours after sunrise when the sun rays are mild or before sunset is the most beneficial as it is a time when the intensity of the sunrays is just proper to produce Vitamin D in our body. Also, it is a time when pollution levels are low as compared to very early morning hours or late at night. Hence the triple benefit of clean air, Vit-D, and walking(the best exercise) can be earned during these hours.

If not possible then going by our Vedas just five sets of Surya-Namaskar are enough to give us our day’s quota of mobility and Vit-D. After this comes to our diet. We need to take a perfectly balanced diet with milk and milk products, fats(such as Ghee), fruits(like banana, papaya and oranges), green leafy vegetables, broccoli, cabbage, brussels sprouts etc., Nuts and seeds, specifically sesame seeds, and beans and lentils. Also, Ragi and Soy are a very good sources of calcium. And the best point is that nature provides all these things in abundance without differentiating between the rich and the poor.

So the conclusion to the topic is ……………

Give yourself these natural gifts and allow your bones to stay fit. Keep Osteoporosis at bay.

-Ashu Verma Chaubey


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