Face Upon A Face – Harassment

Face upon Face
Face upon FaceHarassment

Why are you so adamant about taking me to this dinner party hosted by your boss to celebrate the ring ceremony of her daughter? You very well know how much I despise being in gatherings thronged by people disguising their true selves behind fake caring and
smiling faces”

“Because you can’t spend your entire life cocooned within the four walls of our home. You ought to move on in your life. I yearn for you to meet my colleagues who know you
just through me. Now, without making that silly face, get down the car”

The couple entered the brightly lit and flower-festooned venue. The fragrance of lavender dissipating all around enhanced the beauty of the place.

Oh! How much I hate this smell, this colour and these flowers!! This place is exuding negativity all around”

“Oh, God! Don’t be a crybaby. Please calm down. See, my colleagues and friends are approaching us. Just be calm. It’s a matter of just one hour. Please, my love”

The colleagues greeted the couple and all were delighted to meet the much talked about, yet veiled partner of the best employee of their company.

As they were chitchatting, they heard the voice of their boss

Attention ladies and gentlemen”, announced Ms Bhatia to gain the attention of all her guests.

This voice….. It’s her…. Am sure, it’s her. Oh, God! I am going to get a panic attack. Let’s go from here”, Advait, a partner of Sameeksha, the best employee of the company, expressed his fear.

Perplexed Sameeksha looked at quivering Advait. Horrified, she inquired, “Is she the one?”

Advait nodded with tears and helplessness in his eyesSameeksha hugged him and asked, “ Do you trust me?”

As he nodded, she grabbed his arm and moved towards the centre stage. Now was the time for Advait to face his fears.

The moment Ms Bhatia saw Advait with Sameeksha, she froze. Sameeksha went near her while Advait remained hidden behind her like a tiny terrified child.

She yanked the mike from Ms Bhatia’s hands and announced, “

Men Harassment
Men Harassment

I am grateful to Ms Bhatia (She had never called her boss like this before) for enlightening me a lot. The entire world knows her endeavours in the field of women empowerment.

She has put her heart and soul into working for women who are victims of domestic violence, dowry, rape, acid attack etc. But, Ms Bhatia I want to know when are you going to work for men who are victims of domestic abuse or if you just believe in abusing men. Yes, there are many men out there who too are victims at the hands of women like Ms Bhatia. 

Only women’s harassment is talked about, but never men’s harassment is discussed. Some men are so brutally abused that they lose their self-confidence and faith in other humans. On this occasion, I would like to declare that I am severing all my ties with Ms Bhatia and her company to start my venture which would work for male victims of domestic abuse and my first victim is gonna bring a revolution in your fake world, Ms Bhatia

Sameeksha threw the mike, grabbed Advait’s hands and went out of the venue.

Rekha Mittal Gupta

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