Happy Men’s Day

Who’s a man?

Rough, tough, knows how to hustle

Well, my masculinity isn’t defined by muscle.

Who’s a man?

Shirt, pant, grows a beard

Well, to me that sounds weird….

Who’s a man?

Smart, handsome, with six pack abs 

Well, it’s real world not a time lapse

Who’s a man?

Six foot tall, just ready to fight 

Well, a real man stand for what’s actually right.

I’m a man,

I can sing, I can dance, I can act 

I’ll still be a man, it won’t defy the fact

I’m a man, 

I can groom, I can style with makeup and loads of fashion 

I’ll still be a man, if all the above are my passion 

I’m a man,

My masculinity isn’t that fragile

That it could be hidden under translucent powder’s pile 

I’m a man, 

I can also look up, at that eternal sky,

Cause being a man, I too deserve to fly……

-Atharv Patil

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