Shouldering those responsibilities entrusted upon them,

They’re bred from childhood to lead their family that way- 

While they are taught to be the stronger of the race,

They aren’t supposed to cry anyway.

Harder they may seem, on the outside,

But, soft at heart, they are indeed.

Like any other creation of God on earth,

They too make mistakes, and are judged by their deeds.

They may have immense stress in their mind,

But, rarely do they speak a word, or reveal it all,

They aren’t supposed to shed tears

For fear of getting mocked.

No matter how intense a fight or an argument,

Grows between us and them;

Just as Shiva needed Shakti’s presence to create the living world,

Our presence, in all forms, is much needed by them.

Let them shed tears, let us all express,

Let’s raise such men who respect women,

Let’s pave a path, where “’we’-men” can walk together,

Let’s make this world better for us all, anew.

-Shilpa Chakrabarti

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