Respond, Don’t React

Respond, Don't React
Respond, Don’t React

Sam was a calm, composed, and disciplined child whereas Peter was an overactive, excited, and naughty child. Their personalities were poles apart. As is the universal rule that opposite attracts, these two 5th-standard kids with stark contrasting personalities became the best of friends. 

One day, when they were studying in class, a flying cockroach entered the class. There was chaos in the class and the kids started shrieking. The cockroach flew and sat on Peter’s shoulder. He screamed aloud and started jumping in desperation. The cockroach flew to another student who reacted the same way. Then the cockroach flew and sat on Sam’s chest. He slowly moved out of the class, towards the ground. As he reached the ground, the cockroach flew away into the bushes.

The teacher praised Sam for his wisdom. He said, “My dad says that we should never react to a situation. Instead, we should observe the problem at hand and respond according to the situation. Instead of screaming(reacting), I chose to take proper action(respond)”

The teacher and students clapped for him.

-Rekha Mittal Gupta

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