The Tummy Trouble

The Tummy Trouble
The Tummy Trouble

The hands said to the feet, “Did you hear the doctor? He said that the stomach should be kept in good condition.”We do such a lot of work. Why is so much importance being given to the stomach alone?” asked the legs.

“I think we should teach the stomach a lesson,” the mouth added.

The heart interrupted, “But the poor stomach has said nothing to us”. The teeth then said, “You, the dear heart are also given a lot of importance, so you are in favor of the stomach”.

The heart tried to explain No! All of our work together. I work with the brain and lungs. We all work together and each one of us is equally important.

“But we are never given importance,” complained the throat. The feet added “All of us work hard but why it is always the stomach, heart, and brain that get praise? This is unfair.”

“I will not work from today”, said the tongue.

“I will not chew the food”, added the teeth.

“I will not pick up the food and put it in the mouth,” said the hand with fingers nodding.

“I will not swallow the food”, followed by the throat.

The poor stomach got no food inside when no one worked for it.

Slowly, everyone started feeling weak. Then the brain asked, “what are you doing stomach, this body will die.”
“What can I do dear brain?” These people gave me no food replied the stomach.

Then, the brain convinced everyone to work like before and soon food started coming into the stomach. The stomach broke food down and gave energy to the body. All felt better and healthier.

The throat regretted, “I am sorry stomach, for being jealous”. The tongue added “you are very important” you provide energy to the entire body. Then the stomach explained we all are equally important. All of us have to work together to keep the body healthy and alive.

Each part has significance. If my hands didn’t pick up food and put it into my mouth and if my teeth do not help in chewing then how does the throat swallow and how can I break into carbs and protein to give energy?

The tongue nodded and all agreed that each part is important. They did away with their differences and began to work together again, to keep body healthy and happy.

models of organs
Each is Important

Moral: One should love one another and work together and trust one’s ability without being jealous.

-Ankita Sinha

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