Navratri Day 02 -  Power to forgive and let go …

Navratri Day 02
Navratri Day 02
Navratri Day 02-  Power to let go by Ankita Sinha

The second power automatically starts getting created after we attain the first power- ‘the power to withdraw‘.

Navratri Day 02
Navratri Day 02

There are a lot of things that we have held in our minds. Some are very old, some we don’t remember but all are recorded in a subtle way that makes our souls heavy. If we want to be happy and have a clear mind, we need a light soul.

Letting go has to be a way of living.’ It means keeping our life compact and not scattered. “Why he did do that?”, “Why she left me?”, we have held so much on our minds. The more we accumulate the power of the soul depletes. There was a time when even a blunder was forgiven but now if someone doesn’t like our post on social media, we create hurt and record to never forget that.

The first aspect to let go of is -‘ the past ‘. A lot of instances we have as memories from our past. We need to revise them, try to look at and understand them from their perspective and let them go. We need to counsel ourselves and make the soul light. meditation is a great way as it strengthens the inner soul. As a result, the things earlier which we found so difficult to forget become an easy task.

Not only memories even ‘expectations’ from others create an image of them in our mind and even if they try their best we get hurt because of the expectations we created. We fail to accept them. Labeling ourselves with a tag of failure also creates ‘guilt’ in our minds. Even after trying so hard we fail sometimes and accept ourselves as a failure forever. We need to see the good intentions behind that and promise to not repeat them again. The past, guilt, and expectations complicate everything. We need to check all and release it to let it go.

Navratri Day 02-  Power to let go

This power is symbolized by Maa Durga. She is the mother and the power. We need to learn the quality of love and law from her to accomplish the goal of letting go. As our mother with all her love can make us do anything it’s the same way by loving ourselves and our souls we can bring the change to live happily and peacefully. With the power of letting go, we can adjust ourselves and make ourselves stable with all the happenings.

Navratri Day 02- Maa Brahmacharini

“I am Shakti”

“I am Durga Maa”

“I have the power of letting go.”

-Ankita Sinha

Navratri Day 02- The Power to Let Go

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