White Dove – Peace & Love

White Dove - Peace
White Dove – Peace

White Dove – Peace

Pure white bird named the dove 

Symbolize universe peace and love 

Even though, somewhere else spark off just now 

Does Peace afraid spread Colourless love?

The refreshing morning to us,

Somewhere else fatality Gun bullets and Shots

Authentic kids Step to the Schools, at the same time

Somewhere else kids pray to their gods 

Breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinners 

Somewhere else, atomic bombs swallow innocence humans like sinners 

As usual as here ,mothers busy in the kitchen 

Pretty sure, Somewhere near iron women try to Lethal next mission 

Here fathers fight for the money 

Somewhere else they’d Have to fight for country future Gun bullets and armours hurry! 

The one and only wish, may gun bullets become Poppy flowers 

May enemies turned into lovers

May hatred quench By  compassion !

May this rule become new passion 

Let’s make our world as the  glamorous place 

Yet, pray for the tranquil and heavenly peace 

-Githmini Kaushalya Munaweera 

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