True Peace

true Peace
True Peace
True Peace by Miss Writer
true Peace
True Peace

Hii readers, I’m now going to write something on what’s true peace and why is it necessary you’ll come to know after reading this article.

What do you mean by Peace?

Peace is the feeling which keeps us calm and away from all the anxiety and problems. We should relax ourselves whenever we feel something bad. Because there are some people who may intentionally changes your health condition or maybe by mistake. But it’s our responsibility and duty that we should take care of ourselves and should be happy and cool every time.

I agree that there are many problems which are there but then too we should not lose hope and should not be anxious. I know that problems come in our life but nobody can help you to get you out of those problems, you only have to be brave and have courage in order to tackle any kind of problem.

True Peace helps us to keep our minds cool and calm. With that our mind works perfectly good, but if we starts shuffling and impatient then the results doesn’t come as we want. It helps us to solve any problem with ease. It never teaches us that we should do things in a hurry or should be done with impatient but it shows us that we should be calm and cool and with that we gain some confidence to solve the problem.


In order to maintain peace,

We should have a habit of saying please,

If we’ll not just keep that as a showpiece,

Then definitely our life will be a great Masterpiece.

Try to spread love, peace, and happiness around your surroundings. Because maybe it can help an individual person or a society. So it’s necessary to spread some peace around the world and should take the initiative to start this journey. Because it’s said that “Charity begins at home”. So if you’ll try then other people will start copying you and will do the same action which you’re doing, and soon this world will be a cool and calm world.

Thank you readers for reading this article. I hope you all will understand what I’m trying to make you all understand. So let’s start a peaceful journey in which we all humans will take part and will make our world, a peaceful and happy world.

-Miss Writer

True Peace

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