How to Select the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring?

Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring
Selecting a Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring with Mahi Glitz
A guide to selecting a perfect diamond engagement ring with reference of a trustworthy and renowned jeweller from Mumbai, India by Harshita Udani
Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring
Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring for Her @ Mahi Glitz

Diamonds have been used in Engagement rings as earlier as 1447, signifying the bond and love that the couple is vowing to unite in.

Engagement is a ceremonial & formal commitment between two individuals getting married. An Engagement Ring is a band of commitment and loves exchanged to seal the relationship and advance towards nuptials and the future together. This band of love carries a lot of significance and essence in a couple’s life and choosing the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring is always of utmost prerogative to any couple.

Knowing what is the choice and preference of your loved one makes this challenging purchase a lot more effortless. So, before making an investment, it is advisable to ask for preferences. Since it will be a permanent mark of your love on their fingers, it makes a lot of sense to invest time and energy into it and enjoy it together. Moreover, these days, buying a diamond engagement ring is not a secret from your partner; nevertheless, it is an increasing trend to go shopping with your to-be-fiancé for the perfect ring.

If not, here are some recommendations to assist you in selecting a Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring for your perfect occasion:

How to Select the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring?

  • Firstly decide on what kind of ring you would favor, for example, a diamond ring or gold band, and in what price range. If a gold band is what you desire, deciding on the engraving if any or just a solid band needs to be done. If a diamond ring is your preference, then there are quite a few things you need to consider to make it an ideal ring. Also bear in mind the most integral part, your budget. If needed get professional help to get what you shell.

The feeling of love is intangible. But choosing a Diamond ring manifests the feeling of your love in a very tangible way.

  • Once you have chosen the Diamond Ring, you should preferably narrow down the shape of the diamond you are hunting for. Each shape or cut– as it is widely known, is priced differently. A few cuts to consider are Pears, Heart, Marquise, or Round; with Round being the most expensive. So having one or two cut preferences set in your mind before going to make a purchase will be worthwhile.

  • Apart from the dearest and most popular yellow metal (gold), engagement rings can be fashioned in Silver, Platinum, White Gold, and the current trending Rose Gold metal alternatives; Platinum being the most expensive of the options. Your budget and your fondness for metal, make up for your decision towards choosing the right metal for your band.

  • The next decision to make would be on the Size of the Diamond (Carat Size- as it is known), along with the Clarity (even the most inferior clarity would look colorless to the bare eye) which fits right in your budget. Don’t forget to get your diamond certified. A renowned Jeweler will give you a trustworthy and genuine make that will suit your choice and will customize it to the perfect size of the wearer and provide you with authenticated certified jewelry (certified diamond with hallmark)

All of the above with your basic intuition will help you make a monumental investment in the Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring to impress your loved one.

Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring for Him

An engagement ring is a special investment in itself. It is not just an investment but the beginning of a commitment for eternity and unconditional love. The basic pointers above will make sure you do it right.
Just not her, it’s HIS day too…

Adorn your special day with the best selection, for your once-in-a-lifetime. There is no “Style” for 2022, what you choose is PERFECT!

Harshita Udani

Perfect Diamond Engagement Ring

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