The Commonwealth Games- Proud History of India until 2022

The Commonwealth Games India until 2022 Pic Courtesy:News18
The Commonwealth Games, Proud History of India until 2022- A well-written summary of Indian CWG history by Atul Kumar
The Commonwealth Games India until 2022
The Commonwealth Games India until 2022 Pic Courtesy: News18

The Commonwealth Games were first played in 1930 and initially, it was known as British Empire Games. It is a quadrennial multisport event, with the exception it was not held in 1942 and 1946 due to World War 2. It is a game of 72 Commonwealth Game Association coming together, even though there are 56 members of the Commonwealth of Nations.

The Commonwealth Games India until 2022

India participated in this game for the first time in 1934 it was the second edition of the Commonwealth Games. India’s first Commonwealth medal was won by Rashid Anwar he won bronze in the event of Wrestling in 1934.

India’s first appearance in the Commonwealth Games after Independence was in the 1954 edition in Vancouver (Canada) from where India returned empty-handed. Later, improvement was observed in the 1958 edition where India India won 2 Golds along with Silver and ranked 8th in this edition. It was India’s fourth appearance in the Commonwealth Games, then.

India shone its best in the 2010 Commonwealth Games which was held in New Delhi, India at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium. Here, India won 101 medals along with 38 gold medals. India was placed 3rd in this game ranking in 2010.

In the Commonwealth Games, India’s overall medal tally is 503 medals, of which 181 are Gold, 173 Silver, and 149 are Bronze medals.

In the Commonwealth Games, India won the most number of medals in Shooting, with a tally of 135 medals till now along with 63 Gold medals.

India has just missed three editions of the Commonwealth Games post-1947 to date. The 1950 edition in Auckland(New Zealand),1962 in Perth(Australia), and 1986 in Edinburgh(Scotland) to quote the missing editions in order. For the second time in the Commonwealth Games, shooting is not featured. The first time was in 1970 and now in the ongoing 2022 Commonwealth Games.

India’s second-best performance in terms of medals is in the game of wrestling. India won 43 Gold medals until the 2018 Commonwealth Games held in Glasgow(Scotland) and India has a total tally of 102 medals in wrestling overall. India appears in a total of 17 editions of the Commonwealth Games.

India has won also 43 Gold in weightlifting till the Commonwealth games of 2018 along with 125 total medals overall from 1930 to 2018 in the history of the games . India topped the medal tally in wrestling if it is seen alone in 2018. India’s max medal comes from shooting but as it is not part of the Commonwealth Games currently, India’s medal tally dips by 30 to 40 percent in the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

India won a total of 66 medals in the 2018 commonwealth games. India ranked 3rd in this edition and 27 medals out of 66 total medals, which is 40.9 percent of the total medal tally. India improved started from coming empty handed to securing its position in the top 5. Overall it’s not an easy task, and all the efforts by the athletes and the country – Team India is highly commendable and appreciated.

Women’s cricket in the T-20 format was included in the Commonwealth Game for the first time in the 2022 Commonwealth Games. Cricket in men’s format was played in 1998 in 50 overs format where South Africa beat Australia by 4 wickets and took away gold and India has very disappointing performance India came 9th in cricket that edition.

Cheer for India in 2022 as India always performs exceptionally well in all editions of the Commonwealth Games.

Currently, having won a total of 20 medals with six gold, seven silver, and seven bronze medals, India is ranking seventh in the medals tally. So let’s positive and stay supportive of the athletes of our country and keep cheering for India to create history yet again.

-Atul Kumar

The Commonwealth Games India

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