Reprieve - by Roopal Arora

Life begins to move forward and things begin to fall in place when we love ourselves. Loving and caring start with our own self. When you love your own self, you radiate beauty from the inside. Everything starts with how you feel about your own self.

Our life would be happy and peaceful. It is sanity to take care of ourselves. Everything transforms beautifully when you begin to love your own self. You become strong within yourself. It is about shifting your focus to the good things about yourself. To be beautiful means to be yourself. You need to accept yourself. With love doubt disappears, fears fade and there is a comfort that develops which makes even being peaceful a state of solace.

You will heal and inspire others just by being yourself. Your best moments, your happiness, peace, and healing come when you love your own self. Rise from your wounds, and believe in yourself. Accepting the pain and allowing yourself to be real with who you are is a big step toward loving yourself.

Accept and embrace your mistakes and imperfections. We can learn to heal from something when we can forgive. We can always choose love and compassion. Self-compassion entails being loving and understanding towards ourselves when we fail or we feel inadequate. It is about identifying your desires and making them an essential priority in your life.

Give love to others without feeling depleted. This type of love feels energizing. It is about taking ownership of our life. Find your happy space. It is about doing things that truly feels right for you. You work on being the best you.

Part of the solution is reminding yourself of what has always happened in the past when you faced your fears. You realize that even if you have to deal with difficulty, you have gained something from yourself. There comes a day when you realize that turning the path is the best feeling in life as you think there’s so much more to life than the path you were stuck on.

Allow love to flow in your heart. Let love grow in strength and hold you in life. Find a space inside your heart where there is happiness and happiness will take away your pain. Connect with your heart, it really knows what is best for you. You have the power to choose your direction and your capability.

The path is blissful when you feel delighted in your heart. Know that you are not your mistakes. Whatever you have done, it’s over. Every time you feel good about what you do, it’s one more reminder to embrace who you are. The beautiful thing about having faltered is that you can help yourself with your experiences.

Discover yourself until you find the real you. When outside life is crumbling, the only way is inward. We can reach out of ourselves, remove our pains, and hold others with love, and compassion. When you realize your flaws can help and connect us with others, they seem less painful. Wherever you go, you will find yourself.

Know that you really matter.Know that positive thoughts increase love and happiness. Accept you are beautiful for doing it, even if in just one small step of life. By worrying about every small thing, you are going away from the happiness that you could have all along. Love yourself for moving towards your purpose every day.

You are real with yourself about what you feel, think, and want. Believe in your path. Have faith in the thought that you are exactly where you need to be at this moment. Never give up on searching for happiness. You push yourself to move when you know something that needs to be done. You know what’s right for you. Stop thinking about things from your past. When you are not true to your soul, you lose sight of yourself. Sometimes it seems things won’t work out, then unexpectedly the path comes out. Do not fear losing what needs to be lost. When we heal wounds and let go of the past, we create space for change.

-Roopal Arora

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