Spring comes

Spring comes
Spring comes
Spring Comes- A Depiction of love for father by S Afrose
Spring comes
Spring comes

My father is my pride.

He cuddles me tightly,

At the time when broken my heart,

My mind is sinking in deepest 😔 painful tears.

When dad holds my hand,

It seems the seasonal change.

The spring comes from every site,

The fragrance of the eternal flowers.

Love to walk enthusiastically,

Still, there are some hidden darts.

My father comes like a warrior,

To save me to show the world.

“Nothing can grasp your art, You’re my gem my paradise. You will be a warrior with a lovely heart, Dad will be with you at the required ward”.

This is the knot within us.

Dad shows spirits of life— “Give me hand to stand up Let’s start the next art”.

There are so many colours, I’m confused for a while.

Which one will be corrected?

Dad comes with a smiley face.

Let’s try to restore art, Dance with me like a butterflies’ hut.

Each colour has unique essence,

You can realise when thinking that way.

I love each and every word,

Those are the tune of life.

The string of a lovely guitar,

To play for making momentary part.

Love me Dad, I love Dad.

Dad is my best friend

Dad is the pillar of life.

To show up with a lion’s roar— “Never forget to enjoy each moment of life”.

Seasonal rotation is obvious, Summer- winter- whatever?

I think this way— with Father, Spring comes in life in any weather.

Happy father’s day! Wow! for me each day is that special one.

Luckiest ever to hold hands of the father, My father is my dear world.

(C) S Afrose,Bangladesh.

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