The Saga of Untouchability

Ambedkar Untouchability
Dr. BR Ambedkar
The saga of untouchability, a tribute to the legend Dr. BR Ambedkar for his unparallel contribution to changing history of India- by Sudipta Mishra.
Ambedkar Untouchability
Dr. BR Ambedkar

Let’s rewrite our history. Since time immemorial, our country has witnessed a caste system where we have to abide by rules.

The Varna System of India has been continuing since the Aryan period.

Our society was divided into four categories where the Sudras were the downtrodden ones and the Brahmins, Kshatriya and Vaisya were the ruling class. Without any reason, there existed a relationship between an oppressed and oppressor. 

Gradually this caste system in Hindu culture gave birth to untouchability. So many empires ruled India with a lack of vision for changing this hateable system. But this repulsing system was so deep-rooted in our community that they couldn’t root this evil practice in our country.

During the period of the British Raj, the untouchability was at the peak level of its kind. The untouchables were not aware of the crime for which they were being accused every day. They were being slaughtered brutally to death without any reason. Because of a slight blunder, they were accused and penalized. So many freedom fighters took this evil practice as a cause for their rebellion and revolted against it. Mahatma Gandhi propagated so many preachings and nurtured the rights of untouchables by renaming them as Harijan. 

Still, it was the iron hand of Dr. BR Ambedkar that attempted to free up the chains and bondage of untouchables and fought for their rights till his death. In the Constitution, it’s because of his profound impact and continuous struggle, that their rights were restored and preserved. 

Let’s bow our heads with folded hands to extend our heartfelt tribute to the legend of our country. Dr. Ambedkar is not with us.  But his unparalleled contribution which changed the history of India had been flooded with a vicious stream of contempt for lower caste will rename his legendary acts in golden verse forever. 

Sudipta Mishra 

Caste, Religion, Untouchability

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