The Beauty of Spring 

The Beauty of Spring 
The Beauty of Spring 
Thematic Verse-The Beauty of Spring by Sudipta Mishra
The Beauty of Spring 
The Beauty of Spring 

Our life is packed with much pain 

Unquenchable thirst for power is the sole cause of such disdain 

Never we strive to be a better human 

By overexploiting  the delights of nature we derive elation 

Vainly we pass the golden days of summer and winter,

Awaiting for the spring‘s trees laden with the pleasures of nature       

By forgetting the essence of our culture 

Now we bear the wrath of nature 

So let’s tread on the path of our ancestors 

Let’s embrace the Spring vibes  

Still, there is time to weave the joy of spring in our barren lives 

Let’s imbibe the joy of heaven 

Listen to nature’s invitation

Let’s glorify our days of irritation 

Let’s bask in the breast of spring‘s exotic region 

Amidst the meadow of nature’s blossom forget your all anticipation 

As we are the children of all seasons…

Feel such a magical reunion

 Grow up with new hopes and fun   

Caress such celestial carnival to feel the divine emotion…

Sudipta Mishra

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