Queen of the universe- H2O (water)

Queen of Universe- H2O
Queen of Universe- H2O
Awareness and Importance of water by Emanuele Cilenti

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April 15th, 2022 09:06 am

Queen of Universe- water
Queen of Universe- H2O

Scroll sinuous
Between dirt roads
Of lakes or rivers
Descend into the throats of those who are thirsty
You arrive like rain
To give food to mortals
You hug the rainbow road
Bring the whole world to life.

You are everyone’s mother
Make no difference
You quench men, animals and plants
You are tribal dance
On autumn nights
You hide in the winter ice
To melt in spring.

Peoples yearn for you
Children are waiting for you
With bowls in hand
And tears in the face
The earth awaits you,
I imprisoned the powerful

They want you to become their property
But you are all to us, you have no masters
But only children to be satisfied and made to live.

Caress oh mother
Our bodies
Refresh our limbs
Erase all evil
That exists in the world
Water, Queen of all
Loving mom
Daughter of God
.build for us
That bridge of life
Between arid and full streets
Of death.

Emanuele Cilenti

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