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Sweet Moments
Some sweet little moments from the pages of pandemic struck times by Rekha Mittal Gupta
Sweet Moments
Sweet Moments

Like a dried autumn maple leaf, she plummeted on the couch and her body heaved a sigh of relief.

This corona and lockdown which had deliberately kicked out the housemaid and dragged in the office of the big boy and school of the small boy within the four confines of a two-bedroom apartment had turned Medha and many more Medha’s life topsy-turvy.

A tsunami had hit the otherwise smooth life of a considerable population.

As if the little one was waiting for this moment, he swished in front of weary Medha with a glass of Glucon D and flashed his incisors-missing smile.

Mommy, here’s your energy drink. Gulp it all and you will be rejuvenated and renewed. Then, we will play something. I am bored at home -  no outing, no friends, no park”, poor Daksh complained

Of course, Corona had snatched away the park’s fun and myriad activities from kids’ life.

“ I know baby, but I too am exhausted and still a lot needs to be done“, Medha said taking the glass of Glucon D from his hand before he spilled it adding more work to her list of TO DO THINGS.

Ok, then I will ask dad“, he said dejectedly.
Arrey, play with Daksh. Don’t worry about evening tea and snacks. Today, I will take the charge of the kitchen“, Mukesh affirmed while coming out of his room-cum-office.

No way, dare you to enter my spick and span kitchen. I can’t take the risk of giving you this responsibility. I can’t forget what you did to my kitchen last night. The sink overflowed with utensils and the tiles and slab were painted with curry and flour“, she roared as if the energy drink had already done its work.

She knew she couldn’t even ask the boys to play with each other. It was like giving an invitation to the 3rd World War. The big boy liked to play games as per rules and the small boy had his own rules.

Finally, the onus of entertaining Daksh too was on her shoulders apart from household work. It would be wrong to say that Mukesh didn’t help her. But, his help was more of a trouble.

Comprehending the situation, Mukesh suggested, “You play with him. I will give you full body massage at night”

Mukesh’s way of body massaging was more of an adventurous sex trip rather than a relaxation journey. A shy smile escaped her lips. Mukesh too smiled and winked. By now, she was feeling a bit energetic. She popped in her multivitamin capsule and offered to play a sitting game with Daksh.

But, Daksh was adamant about playing some physical games. Mukesh was worried about his nightlife. He didn’t want Medha to come to him fully drained. He offered, “Let us do one thing. I will play cricket with Daksh and Medha, you be the referee. Sit on one side and your decision would be the final verdict. This way we two won’t fight and you will get some rest. Then post evening snacks, we will play carrom. What say, champ?”

Exuberant Daksh conceded and Medha too was relieved.

Medha understood Mukesh’s intentions so taking advantage of the situation, she proposed, “Would you help me do the dishes?”

Naughty Mukesh nodded passing a crooked smile.

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