Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine's Day
A relation celebrating true love was born today. by Rekha Mittal Gupta
Happy Valentine's Day
Happy Valentine’s Day

GarimaI am in love with you. Will you be my valentine?” proposed he on our first valentine together and gifted me a dazzling red one piece.

I was on cloud nine. My friends assisted me to get ready in the college loo. The unhygienic conditions, the wet floor, the stink, nothing mattered at that time. I just wanted to enjoy my first valentine most indelibly.

After about half an hour, I was dazzling in the ravishing red knee-length one piece.

I can never forget the look on his face when he saw me all decked up. His eyes literally popped out of the sockets and he stood with his mouth agape. It took him a moment to calm down and greet me.

It had been his obsession to see me in different colours and without reticence, he would, not only ask me for the same but also buy me the outfits. Ameer baap ki bigdi huyi aulaad and I relished all the pampering without any guilt.

During the final year of our college, on the last day of our final examination, he disclosed his desire to take me out on a dinner date after the paper was done.

Dinner date?” I was alarmed.

You know my parents won’t allow me to go on a dinner date“, I expressed my concern.

For the first time in our relationship, he held me by my waist, that too in front of the entire college, leaving me alarmed.

My body went numb and my lips got dry. My heartbeat echoed in my ears. He came extremely close to me, looked deep into my eyes and asserted in his intoxicating voice, “Oh! That’s not for you to worry about. Apne saas sasur ko main mana lunga, pehle hone wali biwi ko to mana lun.”

Then to my utter amazement, he knelt, held out his right hand and proposed, “Will you marry meGarima?”

I stood there dumbstruck. Marriage???? What was going on?

Our friends and other college mates were cheering and clapping. “Is it not too early? What’s the hurry?”, such scepticism clouded my senses.

Every eye was on me. He shrieked in pain, “Hurry up darling, my knees are hurting”

I bent down, kissed his forehead and whispered in his ears, ‘It’s all quite startling for me. Please give me some time. We will talk about it later.

He stood up boiling in rage, “Why do you need time? Don’t you love me?”

“I am in love with you, but we both first need to stand on our own two feet. We are just 21. We have to focus on our careers and make something of our lives. Love matters but career matters more at this age”, I tried to justify myself.

Please disperse“, he requested all the students standing there with folded hands.

Then he turned towards me and said, “I live in the present moment. Kal kisne dekha hai. And why are you crying career, career? You won’t need to work after marriage.”

Even if I want to??” I asked straightforward.

He looked into my eyes perplexed, he then inquired dejectedly, “Does my love mean nothing to you? Is your career above us?”

I love you, but that doesn’t mean I have no dreams of my own. I want to be self-reliant in my life. I want to be financially independent. I am not saying I don’t want to marry you. I am just not prepared for marriage so early in my life. There’s a lot to achieve before tying the nuptial bond”, I justified my point.

” I never realised you are so career-oriented. Actually, come to think of it, I never asked you about your dreams. I assumed that you too want to marry me“, he dejectedly expressed his views.

“I love you and want to marry you but not before making a standing of my own. Nahi to log kahenge ameer murga fasa k uske paison par aish kari hai and nobody would value my love”, she remarked.

I am not bothered about what people would say or not. I am bothered about you. If you want to first focus on your career, then be it. I will join my family business by next Monday. I will stay by your side throughout your endeavours to achieve your goals in life. Our marriage can wait”, he asserted.

I hugged him tightly and whispered into his ears, “I Love you. Am eager to go on a dinner date with you. Take permission from your future inlaws. Am sure they too will agree to wait till I achieve something in my life.”

He hugged me tightly.

His touch aroused emotions I had never experienced before.
His touch woke up my sex hormones which played havoc in every part of my body.
His touch left me wanting him more.
His touch made me shy.

When he released me, I couldn’t look into his eyes. He held my chin and asked me to look into his eyes. As I raised my eyelids, he kissed me on my lips and murmured
“I am in Love with you my sweetheart
Even for a minute now, I don’t want to stay apart
But for you, I will wait till eternity
Be mine before I lose my sanity”

We again hugged each other with renewed vigour and passion. Something had changed between us two today. Something very beautiful. An altogether new relation was born today – a relation of more trust and respect for each other. A relation celebrating true love was born today.

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