How could you take wedding vows without me, mumma?

Hugs & love ❤️Ever blooming flower
Hugs & love ❤️Ever blooming flower
Hugs & love ❤️Ever blooming flower, blog by Rekha Mittal Gupta
Hugs & love ❤️Ever blooming flower

“It seems I had been a proficient photographer right from the beginning”, my ten-year-old son Lakshay blurted out while watching our wedding album.

Unable to comprehend the meaning of his out-of-the-blue
sentence, I asked surprised, “What on earth makes you think so?

See, there is not a single pic where I too am posing with you guys. It’s your wedding album, my parent’s wedding album! And their only son is not there even in a single photograph. It simply means I was busy clicking photographs, while you two were busy posing with guests. Seriously mom so mean of you two. To date you do so – entrust me the task of clicking pics, while you people gaily pose for the photographs. But, now it’s just that I have grown smart and include myself also by clicking selfies”, he stated as a matter of fact.

Before I could assimilate the sense of his statement, he further implored, “Was the selfie option not there at the time of your wedding, or was I naive?”

Neither selfie option was there, nor you were there at the time of our wedding”, the moment I said so, I regretted it, I dug my own grave at that moment.

Means? Where was I? Was I not invited to my own parent’wedding?” he showered questions on me out of inquisitiveness.

I bit my tongue for being so reckless with him. I tried to handle the situation by informing, “See, you were born in 2010, while we got married in 2008, so you weren’t even born at that time. When you were not even born, how could we have invited you?”

Where was I and why didn’t you wait for me, what was the hurry to marryYou sure are a set of mean parents”, he asked grudgingly.

Beta, we got married, only then were you born na. If we would have waited, then even you wouldn’t have been born”, I unsuccessfully tried to pacify him.

Means for me to be born, you two had to marry? Now what’s the logic, don’t try to misguide me” he was getting agitated.

Beta, tell me then where did you come from?” I asked.

A child comes from a mom’s tummy, I know that. But, what relation does it have with the wedding?” he questioned.

Marriages are important, only then kids are born. See I have different parents and your dad has different parents. We first met each other, married, and then you came in my tummy“, I tried to explain.

How is marriage related to me coming in your tummy?”, he further interrogated

I asked him to follow me to our small garden. I pointed towards the flowering plants and asked him, “Did these give flowers the day you sowed the seeds?”

He started laughing hearing my question. “Mom, why are you kidding me? We first need to sow the seeds. The seed then sprouts – root and shoot come out of it. Then it grows into a small plant, thereafter it gives flower that too if it gets proper sunlight, air, water, and nutrition”

Similarly betaji, childbirth in humans also is a stepwise process. For getting flowers, you first need to sow the seeds and give proper care. Same way, for human babies to be born, first marriage takes place, then lots of love and care is needed, only then a baby is born”, I explained.

So basically you are the plant and am your flower”, he said hugging me.

Yes dear, an ever-blooming flower who has filled our lives with the fragrance of his love“, I heaved a sigh of relief hugging him.


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