Happy Makar Sankranti!

Kite Flying
The Festival of Kite Flying- Makar Sankranti by Harshita Udani
Kite Flying
To the end of winter and the beginning of harvest,
Say yes to the beginning of the new fervour.
Let's open our hearts to the hues of the occasion,
And burn our sorrows and egos in the bonfire today.
Let our body, mind and heart connect to the positivity and spirit of the occasion,
Let our energies soar high with the kite.
Say yes to the sweetness of the day
Say yes to peace, prosperity and joy
Let's dance to the music of the festivity.
Say yes to the celebrations of today
To cherish all the way!

Today, Makar Sankranti or Uttarayan or Winter Solstice is dedicated to Sun God as it marks the sun’s transit into (Makara) Capricorn in the north traveling from the southern hemisphere. This day is marked as one of the most important Hindu festivals. Many devotees also go for a holy dip in the river Gange on this day to express gratitude to Sun God for blessing us with warm and glowing rays. The days are pleasant and are the perfect time to sustain high-yield crops as it marks the beginning of the harvest season. Today, many people make gur ladoos and chikkis (jaggery sweets), fly kites, do charity, worship livestock, and more.

"Til Gur Kha- God god Bola" is said with zest when eating the jaggery sweet today. This Maharshtrian expression literally means  Eat Sweet and Talk Sweet.This combo scientifically gives essential oils and warmth needed for the season and the year ahead. It is of high nutritive value with Omega-6 healthy fats, fibre calcium, iron, magnesium & phosphorus helping boost energy levels. It also makes a perfect occasion for relishing it while flying kites in this season. With this, there is message to talk sweet and be sweet and spread the sweetness and warmth to all beings.

This day of festivity is celebrated across India with different names like Pongal, Bihu, etc. while Lohri is celebrated just a day before Sankranti which is celebrated with joy and happiness everywhere.

Happy Makar Sankranti!

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