A gift of love!

Gift of Love
Love of your family, they are the biggest blessing and best gift of your life.  by Arti
Gift of Love

Ding dong ! The doorbell rang.  “It’s 7 in the morning. Kaun hoga itni subah”, I spoke to myself and tip-toed towards the main door.  As I opened the door, I found a beautifully packed gift box wrapped neatly in silver sheet with pink ribbons making it even more beautiful, lying on the doormat with a musical Happy Birthday card stuck to it. As soon as I opened the card to find out the sender’s identity, Happy Birthday To You tune started playing and brought a big smile to my face. But as the sender’s name was not written, the mystery remained unsolved. I closed the door and walked straight towards my living room. I looked at the gift with suspicion for a while and kept it on the centre table and started opening it with excitement as Gifts are always special and who doesn’t like gifts after all.  

As I opened it, I found a pair of running shoes and with it was attached a small card with a sweet birthday wish, “Happy Birthday Mummy from Parv and Anshi”. It was my 40th birthday and I was totally surprised on receiving a pair of running shoes for my birthday gift from my kiddos. Suddenly a loud birthday song startled me again and I found my loving family standing behind me. My kids were quite excited to see my reaction on receiving a pair of running shoes. They had bought the gift from their pocket money so their excitement could be seen on their faces. I hugged everyone and thanked them.

I picked the pair of shoes while looking at my son and asked, ” Why did you buy such an expensive gift for me that too from your pocket money?” The particular brand of the shoe has the most expensive shoes in the market that is why more than the gift, I was looking at the price tag. I was quite skeptical whether I would ever use those shoes in my life as walking or running was not anywhere to be found in my list.”

Mom, a few days back you were talking to Nani and I overheard you saying that you are really worried about the heredity of joint problems in your family,  your grandmother had faced severe knee pain and your aunts are also facing the same, so I thought what else would be better gift other than this pair of shoes on your birthday for a better start of another year. I discussed with Papa and decided to buy them for you”. My son said with a concerned smile on his face. My daughter too joined him. I was overwhelmed when I heard this and thanked God for blessing me with such a loving and caring family by my side. I was overwhelmed to know that at such young age my children are so concerned for their mother and they understand the value of family. 

For a long time, I had been thinking that I should do something about this and go for morning walks, this thoughtful gift from my children inspired me in the truest sense. Mere thinking of their beautiful and kind gesture I started taking care of myself and set up a fixed time for morning and evening walks. I live in a beautiful society in Bangalore. To walk amidst such beautiful surroundings is one of the best experiences of my life. Morning walks filled a new zeal and energy in my body. My children made me understand that health is real wealth and should always be prioritized. I felt sorry why did I keep ignoring this? When my children could understand that how important it is to take care of your health then why couldn’t I understand its necessity. 

Through this blog of mine, I would like to say that love of your family is the biggest blessing and best gift of your life. 



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