A solo honeymoon

A solo honeymoon

A solo honeymoon by Shashi Thakur I have penned a fictional story for 'Picture Prompt', to illustrate the strength of a girl in a bizarre circumstance. Here I have emphasized the importance of self-love.
A solo honeymoon by Shashi Thakur

Nisha was thrilled with the idea of going on a solo honeymoon in Paris, after watching the hugely successful movie ‘Queen’ featuring the extremely talented actress Kangana Ranawat.

This Bollywood potboiler portrays the anguish of a girl whose marriage was called off at the last minute, but instead of sulking forever she resolves to live her life on her own terms and decides to go on a honeymoon to Paris, sans a partner.

Ditto for Nisha, whose life transformed forever when her own marriage was canceled a week before, even after the distribution of wedding cards. Her groom’s ex-girlfriend created a ruckus in front of his house. To avoid further public humiliation, the groom chose to marry his old pal and apologized to Nisha and her family.

Not the one to brood over, Nisha was determined to get away from her decked-up home and enjoy life in her own manner. Having worked in a travel agency for the past three years, she had saved enough money to fund her trip to Paris.

Packing her bags and documents, Nisha set off to her dream destination. Her family wholeheartedly supported her and cheered and waved her off at the airport. Once in Paris, Nisha checked into a budget hotel for her week-long stay.

The very first sightseeing spot chosen by Nisha was the famed Eiffel Tower. She was fascinated to no extent when she got into the lift of the Tower, which gradually made its ascent above. The view of Paris from the top was beyond description, it’s that beautiful she thought.

After a moment of pause, Nisha flung her arms in jubilation, and with a wide smile, she jeered, “Yeahhh…” 

She thanked the Almighty for her existence and the reason for her celebration.

-Shashi Thakur

A solo honeymoon
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A solo honeymoon
A solo honeymoon by Shashi Thakur
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