Selfie by Malak kalmoni chehab

Setting up the selfie station:

Lights, cell stand, and her brand,

Typically, she holds clothing to unfold

Before it’s framed eternally on her blog.

She twists it this way and that,

Showing all it’s sides, but

None of hers,

Except, the image she shows.

Behind the smile and frivolity, 

Lies a darkness, hidden from sight, 

For fear of being judged carelessly 

By followers that hold great might.

Anxiety is hers to cradle, 

While happiness is to be shared,

And beauty is revered

As long as it’s easily bendable. 

What is she trying to prove,

With her blog that’s on the move?

Is her ambition centered around

Follows and likes, without being bound?

I wonder what holds her prisoner,

In a world where artifice is power,

While, ethics and values take a shower,

And faith is flushed out with dirty water.

-Malak kalmoni chehab

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