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With the advancement in Science and Technology, Medical care had improved a lot over the past few years. Neonatal care is one of the crucial and sensitive departments in any hospital as it is associated with new life. It is associated with the life for whom lots of people are waiting for months.

The arrival of a baby brings lots of happiness but sometimes this happiness comes with crucial and critical moments. Whenever there is the birth of baby every prays that the baby should be healthy. But sometimes God’s plans are different. Some babies are born immature or have some complications.

In this case, NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit) department came forward to take care of the baby at this moment. All newborn babies require essential care to minimize the risk of newborn death and illness and ensure their growth and development. A proper environment for newborn babies, normal breathing, mother’s milk, and prevention of infection are the basic needs of a normal baby at birth. Neonatal care people took care of each and every step essential for the newborn.

We always say Doctors are angels and I strongly agree with this fact. There are many instances in your life that make a lifetime impact on your mind. Whenever someone talks about Neonatal Care the most crucial 8 days of my life came alive in my mind.

My elder daughter was born during the 8th month of pregnancy or we can say she was a preterm baby. Though it was a natural and normal delivery still babies born at 8 Months are at risk. As soon as my daughter was born she didn’t cry doctor tried hard to make her cry. Everything is happening in front of my eyes.

Then Neonatal Care team arrived there and shifted her to another hospital as she needed extensive medical attention immediately. Upon reaching the NICU my husband told me the whole story as I was not with her at that time because of extensive blood loss. I was under observation.

My husband told that after reaching the hospital Doctor once said, “ We will try our best but there is very less hope as she was not breathing properly”. After 15min they heard a loud voice of a baby crying and the doctor came with the happiest news that she is absolutely fine now but we will keep her here for a few days for observation.

She was in the hospital for 8 days under neonatal care. I met my daughter after 3 days. During these 3 days, my husband video-called and video-recorded to show me. By the Grace of God and the doctors’ support, she is now living a healthy life.

In earlier days premature death rates are quite high, but now due to advancements in technology, it drops at a great rate. The government is also taking various steps to ensure the best neonatal care in the hospital.

-Radhika Malhotra

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