Holi by Santwana Neeraj

She was new to the community,

But no one cared much as 

Many of us were living from ages there,

Bonded with each other, lost in our routines,

So not really bothered of her presence


She wanted to mingle so

Started moving swiftly in the crowd,

Yet it wasn’t much of a success,

 As one could clearly

Sense her being over conscious 

And slightly uncomfortable each time 

She opened her mouth!!

We Indians, being in a foreign country

Have the tendency 

To leave our marks not in the

Professional side, 

But even otherwise!!

Living in communities,

Favoring each other on all fronts,

And celebrating all festivals are 

Few things, we don’t miss at all!!

After she moved in, it was her first Holi

On the foreign soil..

Her enthusiasm, her creativity

And putting her best to participation, 

Took everyone’s joys to next level..

Clearly now she was noticed, well accepted 

And well liked by everyone!!

Her first Holi and I still remember,

She came in, wished everyone,

Played colors, cracked jokes,

Burst into laughter with remaining,

And soon was one of us..

The time gap was filled!

She then asked when was Diwali 

And how do we celebrate it here?

She initiated for Eid celebration 

And made it a memorable one for us!!

She is our very dear friend Farida..

Only when you know her, 

You learn great deal of things in life,

Her principles are not just modern

But teaches us to respect every human..

I have utter love and respect for her

For being one of a kind..

-Santwana Neeraj

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