The Memorable Day

The Memorable Day
The Memorable Day
The Memorable Day by Vipin V Kamble
The Memorable Day
The Memorable Day

It was a beautiful serene day. He was waiting for me for a walk. We exchanged pleasantries. We started walking on the long broad lonely roadside along the pedestrian lane. 

Our words were getting accompanied by whispering winds. This floral fragrance was making this short journey everlasting. 

We talked about our likes and dislikes, and we tried to know each other closely as it was our first-ever memorable day. 

We walked a few steps circling the same road. 

He held my hand with warmth and respect, and I gained the courage to ask him about getting married. It was surprising for him. How can a female ask for marriage to a person whom she hardly knows?

He nodded his head calmly, saying yes, and held my hand tight. He had his answer and reasons to start the journey.

He kissed my forehead and whispered prayers for our future. He held my hand firmly and kissed my fingers; a tear droplet fell from his eye.

It was a memorable day for the start of a new journey that ended with a heart full of ardour and love. It remains as best a special day forever life. 

Some days convey to dwell and stay memorable forever in the heart. 

©️Vipin V. Kamble

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