What Have We Done!

What Have We Done!
What Have We Done!

The sun that shines bright in summer,
Has lost its glow to the autumnal smog;
The haze around makes it difficult to breathe,
The obnoxious dust makes our nostrils clog!

The vibrant autumn, that was so endearing in childhood,
Prepared us to welcome the chilling winter;
Much time has passed, now it stands in grey and black,
With hazardous particles, that, into our home, infilter!

Erratic monsoon flouts the weather forecast,
It comes and goes, at its own will;
Deforestation, and shrinkage of ponds (for construction work),
Is depriving us of the clouds; now how will the rivers fill?

So much have we exploited the Mother Nature,
But to replenish her, we had never paid much heed;
Disgusted by the utter chaos, she is now following her own will,
What have we done! What shall we leave for our descendants to inherit?

-Dr. Shilpa Chakrabarti

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